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    Your top 3 incan aquisitions in 2016

    1. Surefire M6 2. Surefire C2 in Black 3. Surefire 6P in Pink :twothumbs
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    Here are my newest SF:
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    Titanium Collections II

    From left: M361N, Haiku AA, 2xM31 Nichia, Mac's
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    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    I have some E series lights:
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    HDS *THE* Ra/HDS Collection Thread

    I'll play:
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    Titanium Collections II

    Here're mines:
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    Novatac 120t worth buying for $50??

    I picked one up for $10:thumbsup:. It is 120e. Really can't go wrong with that price!
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    Flashlight Selfies - around the world :)

    Taipei, Taiwan! Looking out from my hotel room.
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    Show your Oveready Collection!

    This is my OR collection so far:
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    Flashlight Selfies - around the world :)

    With my trusty HDS EDC 120.
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    Too many lights!! What to do!!

    I just keep adding whenever I could!
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    Okluma TinyDC

    Great information! Thanks mcbrat!
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    What's best 123 rechargeable that fits HDS lights?

    +1. I have been using AW IMR red for my HDS 120 Hi CRI for almost 2 years. 1 for use and 3 other in a SF battery holder. No problem so far.
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    Do You Carry a Flashlight in Your Briefcase?

    I don't carry briefcase. I do carry a backpack with a SF E2D with MK M361N EDC head in it. HDS Executive Hi CRI in my pants pocket.
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    Okluma TinyDC

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    Okluma TinyDC

    Looking great and excellent review too! Now I want one[emoji1]
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    Okluma TinyDC

    Are the parts interchangeable with macs'? Can I use your Okluma body with macs's head?
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    Surefire G3 LED new - about USD55, get or not?

    Yes the Solarforce lanyard ring will fit.
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    Surefire G3 LED new - about USD55, get or not?

    SF G3D-FYL Fire Rescue 15/60/115 lumens Review is here from 0:33 mark