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  1. Flashlightboy

    Surefire Saint Minimus

    I don't have this problem with my Saint. I mean it's not your fault your parents made you incompatible with some Surefire products.
  2. Flashlightboy

    Night hikers, what's your current setup?

    I'm currently using the SF Minimus. Actually, it's the Saint with the battery pack removed which seems to be a better set up than the Saint itself. I suppose that if I were doing a hike that started at 2 AM I'd use the Saint but for camping and hikes that won't get me back until 2-3 hours...
  3. Flashlightboy

    Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation.

    Re: Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation My buddy called a couple of days and ago he's going through final prep before he begins his out of country assignment. Earlier this week he showed the rest of the team his PT Yukon HL and lo and behold, they hoped in the car and drove to the...
  4. Flashlightboy

    I find headlamps more and more useful!

    I agree although I look like a dork wearing one. No, I mean I really do look like a dork. Picture someone wearing a HL with a topstrap. The strap makes my hair stand up like Bozo the Clown. Moving to the crown of my head you will be treated to the cranial equivalent of seeing Tammy Faye...
  5. Flashlightboy

    Please suggest Headlamp

    The Corona is OK but cycling through menus of light when you just need basic functions is, IMO, overkill/feature packed to minimal use. The light, and all others similarly equipped, have so many features and modes it's purpose seems lost. I'm suggesting an all LED light and in particular the...
  6. Flashlightboy

    Military, quasi-military headlamp

    Unicorn, SOF magazine is full of ads talking about how everything has been tested, used and abused by the troops and blah, blah, blah but I don't recall seeing troop photos with all the neat stuff the ads talk about. I always suspected that what you said was probably true but I'm glad to hear...
  7. Flashlightboy

    Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation.

    Re: Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation My buddy is not a service member but rather someone who works for one of the 3 letter fed agencies. He doesn't need to be wholly self sustaining but he also shouldn't count on prompt military assistance either, at least that's what I'm lead to...
  8. Flashlightboy

    Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation.

    Re: Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation I've decided to go with the Yukon HL and will go to REI to pick it up this weekend. I wish the PT Apex was out because it looks promising. I also called Kevin at The Battery Station and asked him to fill a Pelican 1030 case with as many of...
  9. Flashlightboy

    Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation.

    A friend of mine is going to Afghanistan to do some good guy work. He's leaving in June and I told him I'd buy him a headlamp but which one? I already bought him a CC Ultra that he used while training with the Rangers at Ft. Benning last year and both he and the Rangers loved it. The usual...
  10. Flashlightboy

    New bad-*** Princeton Tec Apex -WOW !!!

    I just spoke with PT Customer Service and the release date has been pushed back to July and possibly into August. No reason given.
  11. Flashlightboy

    New Headlamp - Princeton Tec EOS

    nonbox, I was just going to start a post on this very light. It is very interesting and has potential but I'd like see some Craig or Quickbeam analysis. Googling didn't show much except that it's not is stock with anyone and the MSRP will be around $40 but it can be had for $30. The run...
  12. Flashlightboy

    KL1 owners inside please

    I have a couple of KL1s and have them on E1s and E2s. It really feels good on the E2e but it fits great as the E1e in the trousers. Compared to an Ultra there is no comparison even though the size is comparable. Yes, yes I know that the technology is different but size wise, the nod goes to...
  13. Flashlightboy

    Damn you, Darell!!!

    A long time you ago you said that most of your flashlight purchases were LEDs for all of the reasons commonly known. At the time I said to myself that it was all tomfoolery because incandescents were beating the pants off of LEDs, or so I thought. A humble apology is now owed because my...
  14. Flashlightboy

    KL-1 on E1 vs E1E

    Al, You should try the KL1 on both the EX and Exe lights. Just close your eyes and pick up the KL1 + E1 slowly. Now roll it in your hand and imagine pressing the tail cap. Rotate the light with the bezel towards you and away from you. Become acquinted with the light as though it were a...
  15. Flashlightboy

    KL-1 on E1 vs E1E

    TIN, This is subject near and dear to me. I have all the Ex and EXe bodies and a couple of KL1s so maybe I can help. First, the disclaimer: I have my E1e married to my KL1 as my EDC. I truly believe that the sleeper bodies for the KL1 are the clipless E bodies. Everytime, and I mean every...
  16. Flashlightboy

    How does the e1e compare to the e2e?

    DC2, I was a little diverted by the adapter but as I can see, the question is which of the E series is better. I have the E1, E2, E1e and the E2e along with the KL1 LA. That said, I really like the E2e because it fits my hand well and provides an incredible amount of light for a small size...
  17. Flashlightboy

    How does the e1e compare to the e2e?

    DC2, Sorry if I confused you. The adapters were something that a few CPFers came up with. Here's the link so you can read how it was done and what the possible bezel combinations look like. The adapter is a high zoot part! E series bezel adapter
  18. Flashlightboy

    How does the e1e compare to the e2e?

    Diamand Cut II, What I'm really saying is that a trip to the Mod section will be rewarding. There is thread on the adapter that can show you just what's possible. Although it fits the adapter, I think the plastic bezel on the metal body looks kinda goofy. The really cool bezels are, IMHO...
  19. Flashlightboy

    How does the e1e compare to the e2e?

    McGizmo speaks wise words oh Diamond Cut one from Houston. What he's really saying is go to the Sandwich Shop and buy one of the adapters that allows the use of P60/61 lamps and bezel assemblies on the E2 or E2e. I bought one last week and it's well worth the $29. If you do as Don...
  20. Flashlightboy

    Explain LEDs to newbie

    FlameOn, I know a guy in my fantasy football league that goes by the same name. Do you live in LA?