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    Fenix rc05 worth it?

    yes i returned to fenix while im waiting a month to get sometbing back i was wondering if i should get an rc
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    Fenix rc05 worth it?

    What do you guys think my pd32ue just died hopefully fenix will fix it i do like the tint on it or give me a 2017 edition or something
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    Which are best thrower's in the key chain world? keychain

    The mag solitaire led is very throw it's 37 lumens but lots of throw
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    Olight S1 Baton Review

    what no I love ar15s
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    Can't decide between single AA's for work/belt carry

    I have the fenix and the eagletac eagle tac a lot nicer to me but for the price the fenix isn't really any worse
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    Tired of Fenix Lights Failing

    can't go wrong with malkoff stuff I have 1000s of 12g rounds with one mounted
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    Tired of Fenix Lights Failing

    I had something similar happen with a e21 2xaa light my mechanic light lasted a few uses. Maglite led lasted a few months. the kicker... Rayovac 2aa led still going 2 years later dropped it from waist 100 times
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    Olight S1 Baton Review

    I honestly hate my s1 the tint hurts my eyes the button hurts my finger the magnet tail gets stuck to everything I don't want it too. much prefer my zebralight sC 52w same size basically brighter better battery choice easier to hold easier to use
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    Four sevens shipping

    That's my memory as well from years ago just kind of showed up in 2 -3 days on another note anyone know when I the aaa ato. Nichia titanium is being made until? Looking to grab one of them too but ran out of flashlight funds haha
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    Four sevens shipping

    Really? I haven't ordered from them in probably 4 years free shipping mentions that there is no tracking only delivery confirmation not sure if it would show up tomorrow Saturday
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    Four sevens shipping

    Placed order yesterday afternoon it's now the next night I was just curious do they send an email when it leaves them? I know they have no tracking but just curious
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    Maglite solotaire led durability

    Has anyone put one of these through some serious use? I had one long enough to get a minor scratch but that's it. I'm looking for a either 1 mode light of 20-50 lumens or one that comes on in medium for a gift it deff needs to be tough though
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    Sold/Expired *** Entire Flashlight collection up for grabs - ** Sale now closed **

    Re: *** Entire Flashlight collection up for grabs - Most zero use, minty shelf queens sorry to post on your thread can a moderator contact me? i cant post items for sale for some reason ive been selling on here for 5 years. been trying to figure it out for over an hour im pretty confused
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    Looking for a small edc light aa or cr123

    What's out there? I have a sc52 zebra light I love and the 18650 version. I have lots of keychain lights. I had a d25a clicks eagletac last year I kinda miss.
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    Looking for a keychain light that comes on in medium

    I have the ld02 had the maratac copper before. What else is there? I can stand having to twist a light 3 times to get to high or at least twice from
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    Surefire titan vs titan plus keychain lights

    Which one is the better deal? Which is newer? Does one have a better tint? I hate cool blue neutral and warm are great.
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    Looking for a keychain light that comes on in medium

    Olight i3s. I like had one break after a few months. Any others?
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    Maglite pro and solitaire led at Walmart

    Update they also have the bushnell 1aaa clicky that sells for 15 alone with a 2xcr123 3 mode that sells for 30. Same twin pack same price