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  1. vaism

    this kid can play guitar

    Woo.. he's good! I never have the patience to memorise an entire song like that, not that my technique was half as good.. :grin2: I think good value entry level guitars are Yamahas. Somehow, i always preferred playing my friend's cheap yamaha strat rather than the Ibanez s series i had...
  2. vaism

    Think you're fast?

    Wooo... addiction! Tried playing this in the wee hours last night and was really disappointed with my reflexes! didn't thought i'd be so slow.... armadillo... :laughing: But now tried again... much more alert this time!!! Rockin rabbit! not all the time but at least more satisfying to know...
  3. vaism

    Just bought my first house!!! 56K warning!!! Big Pics!!!

    Very nice ! Congrats.. and I thinkt your hallway's picture was pretty well shot! :grin2:
  4. vaism

    *updated* Jeff (LifeNRA) had a heart attack, prayers needed

    Re: Jeff (LifeNRA) had a heart attack, prayers needed Prayers for you Jeff and family.. although i'm a freethinker, i believe in the existence of a divine spirit and it will watch over you.
  5. vaism

    World Cup Soccer

    Yes sure, but why not the other way round?! Brazilian finding a way to counter the French instead.
  6. vaism

    World Cup Soccer

    Oh my god! Brazil is out!! But to be fair, France played much better. Barthez wasn't even slightly troubled throughout the match.. But from history, seems like the French do know how to counter the samba boys tactics.. :candle:
  7. vaism


    Excellent!! This is great news! :twothumbs Very happy for you... :clap:Keep a positive mental attitude, go out there and start getting involved in more activities asap! That should speed up recovery even further!
  8. vaism

    My beloved dog

    :awman: I can feel how painful the loss is. Although i don't own any pets right now, when my sister, now married and moved out, was still staying with the family, she bought 2 Silkie terriers. And 3 years later when she moved out and brought them along, i too, felt a void in my life. Everyday...
  9. vaism

    Newbie - What does EDC mean?

  10. vaism


    I second and third it! Great stories! More pls!!
  11. vaism


    For me now, an ambition to be wealthy and successful, to be able to afford a good life for my mom and myself is at the top of my list. I'm not shy to say that i want to be rich, sure money doesn't buy happiness in many ways, but it is the stem where many daily troubles come from, freaking out...
  12. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    I tried calling up the Town council to check the video, they told me it was off limits to the public and if any checking of the video is required, it's only by the police.. I called the inspector who came over that night and asked him when can the video results be out, and all i got is... It...
  13. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    Fleabag, he's around 40-50 years of age.. My mom wasn't able to see his face as it all happened in a flash.. No he wasn't masked.. I also have this strong feeling he stays nearby.. Either the flat infront or behind of mine. And i'm spying on those flats to look for suspicious characters glancing...
  14. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    Yes, the essential is to be always aware of our surroundings, she usually returns much later than that and this has been for years which makes her quite complacent about being careful. She's been warned now.. I hope that incident was indeed random and a one-off thing. It's just an awful...
  15. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    yes, i've thought of a little weapon too, but with her strength, i doubt it will even hurt the attacker much. At least the spray is effective even for weaker strength ppl. It really sucks when a family member gets bullied. I just wana catch and torture that scum of the earth. Ambush might only...
  16. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    Comparatively to many other countries, i think yes, crime rate is low. I think he will get caned and jailed as a minimum. I'm trying to buy some pepper spray on ebay now. I suddenly realise how important it is for ladies to carry some immediate defense items. It could have been much worst as my...
  17. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    I'm in Singapore. Ang Mo Kio town to be exact.
  18. vaism

    D*** the molester!

    I'm still fuming from this. Around 1130pm just now, my mom was molested. A man came from behind her, as she was opening the door of my flat and grabbed her bosoms. She shouted and chased after him but he managed to escape. We stay in a flat, she took the lift up alone, and as she walked along...
  19. vaism

    Related to "I got into a fight" what would you have done?

    When i was in Primary 6, i hung out with this basketball group, and there were these bunch of Malay soccer folks who always insist on playing on the same court we were and will purposely whack the ball real hard to chase us away. This often resulted in either our ball or their soccer ball being...
  20. vaism

    am i the only adult who loves lilo and stich?

    Nope you aren't alone! My gf and i love de movie too.. so much so that she bought me this little bobble-head stitch.. It's a very nice touching movie.. which i didn't realise i'd enjoy soo greatly, real touching and warm. :grin2: