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  1. Flashlightboy

    paracord lanyards They have mil spec paracord in multiple colors. Good and prompt service. Lots of other neat stuff. If you escape without spending at least $50 there's something wrong with you.
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    The Fountain Pen owners thread!

    John Cho, I like the look of the sterling pens but don't they leave little square marks on your fingers like womenwho wear fishnet stockings?
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    The Fountain Pen owners thread!

    Mags, Script a lot but not always. Parker allows lifetime nib replacement/repair on some models but not others. The nib was worn perfectly but the cap kept coming off (friction fit) and they'd tighten it up but through continued use it would loosen up again. If it came off in my pocket I had...
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    The Fountain Pen owners thread!

    Pelikan 600. I've been using fountain pens since high school although they admitedly aren't for every day use. I use it when I can which is daily. The 600 model, like others, draws ink out of a bottle (13 drops) and it always draws attention whenever it's done. There's something about...
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    Guess what I found after 1 year.. Lost & found aga

    Re: Guess what I found after 1 year.... I use a Pelikan 600 fountain pen everyday. I love it and wouldn't part with it for a bazillion dollars.
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    Its official, I have a tactical nylon fetish.

    Whatever you do, please do not show us your tactical grade nylon thong.
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    GPS software recommendations

    Byron, I too have the 60C and I've experienced similar errors. I upgraded to the latest City Select v6 and while it was better it isn't perfect. The directions said I was there but the the address and building were a quarter mile away. I travel all over the place and this is the only error...
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    GPS software recommendations

    bj, I'm not familiar with your particular setup enough to give you a recommendation although you might want to spend some time at Those wacky geocaching folks probably have tried the set up you're considering. Good luck.
  9. Flashlightboy

    lithiums in county comm radios

    Documentation for the GP4 shows in can accept anywhere from 3 to 4.5 volts DC. Since Li batts are a tad higher than alks, the GP4 should be OK. In fact, I have some in mine and I have neither complaints or problems.
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    emergency radio

    Nick, You are an outstanding individual! I received the GP-4 this morning, it works great and is built very well. This is the radio I should have ordered in the first place. On top of that Nick also included the plastic cover that's available as an accessory. It fits like a glove and I'd...
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    emergency radio

    Nick, When I posted my findings I didn't expect a response but your offer is greatly appreciated and I accept. E-mail sent.
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    emergency radio

    And I'm back from Sears. The $5 radio is in the trash with banana peels and used coffee grounds. I now have the $9.95 Sony ICF-S10MK2. It uses AA batts which gives me commonality with my Ultra G. The estimated run time is 45 hours on AM. It has a handstrap, 2 1/4 inch speaker and nice sound...
  13. Flashlightboy

    emergency radio

    Please avoid the $5 CountyComm radio. I'll describe the problems later (all day at Disneyland and need sleep) but it's going in the trash tomorrow. Bad radio. EDIT: I bought this radio will the full realization that for this price I shouldn't expect much but functional may not mean...
  14. Flashlightboy

    medkit in fatboy

    Check out the Adventure Medical UltraLight Series because it is a flexible nylon kit with a waterproof inner pouch(s) that will hold more than what's in it. The pouch is tested to be waterproof to 200' by the Navy folks. I have a couple of them and they hold up very well and have plenty of...
  15. Flashlightboy

    Best Vegetable Peeler?

    I classify peelers in 2 categories - Y and horizontal and I've used both and variations of each. I like the Y peelers because you simply pull back. They work very well although they tend to remove more than just the peel/skin. The are very convenient to use and will rapidly do the required...
  16. Flashlightboy

    CC-Maxpedition Bailout Bag?

    Today I took advantage of the opportunity to play, pull, tug and thoroughly examine brand new CC and Maxpedition Bailout bags. In the end I bought Max. The Max bag is durable as a brick and very well constructed. It has tough zippers and the material is first rate as you'd expect from Max...
  17. Flashlightboy

    CC-Maxpedition Bailout Bag?

    TIN, Now that's stepping up to the plate! I'm going to be in the 'hood (where CC is at) and if you're review gives this two thumbs up I may stop by and get one. I'm also lookin at the CID case. I ran into Tom of CC who confirmed that the CID is a CC exclusive but he showed me one and it...
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    CC-Maxpedition Bailout Bag?

    Looks interesting. Anyone have one or played with it yet?
  19. Flashlightboy

    The Ultimate Peppermill

    I like the Perfex salt and pepper grinders. The only downside or possible upside is that it isn't large like a fence post but that means you have to fill it up more often.
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    GPS Users

    TIN, I've had my 60C for a couple of months and just love it! I use it for auto routing, hiking, geocaching and bicycling. A couple of suggestions: Buy the City Select software because the autorouting doesn't work very well without it. You can get the software with the auto kit that...