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    Indirect lighting for desk

    Oh yeah, pretty sure they come from the same factory as the dioder strips. I've seen both in person, but not side by side, and the differences were indistinguishable to me -- other than these are $20 cheaper and these are 11 LEDs per strip, I think the dioder ones are only 9/strip.
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    Indirect lighting for desk

    CPF! Long time no post. I just moved into a new place and I'm finally getting my desk setup. Pic: I'm trying to figure out how to light it. Ideally I'd like the desk to be awash in soft, indirect light. In the past I've done things like hang a desk-lamp from the wall with a full range CFL...
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    Older iMac and modern web pages...SOS!!

    Only if your time is free too. A 500 Mhz G3 is really just begging to be replaced. The good news is the iMacs are just fantastic these days. I have a 27" Core i7 iMac on one of my desks and a Quad-Core MacPro loaded up with 20 Gb of RAM, a 30" and 23" Apple display on the other. I edit HD video...
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    Timelapse Anyone?

    Makes me want to take a time lapse in my 9000.
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    Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

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    Comments on Laptops

    This is true, but these things are hardly ever done "on the go" for me, so an external drive would suffice.
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    Timelapse Anyone?

    Filmmaking has been a love of mine almost as long as Flashlights. I'm currently stuck on time lapse. Here's my latest. Panasonic GH1 (*LOVE* My GH1), about 380 exposures. Processed using Photomatix, then converted into an image sequence with Quicktime 7. It's part of a promo for an on-campus...
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    Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

    My University borrowed some Carbon Fiber accumulators from Parker last year for...wait for it..a race car. Cool stuff. Now if nobody minds, I think I'll hijack this thread a little -- Do we have any Manufacturing Engineers around? I've been studying Mechanical Engineering, but in the last year...
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    Comments on Laptops

    13.3" without an optical drive. The only things I use my optical drive for are burning DVDs (I do video) and ripping DVDs (I do video). I never do these away from a desk. I'd gladly swap my optical drive for a battery or second hard drive. In fact, I just might do that.
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    I think I know what Apple is going to do!

    I agree that a camera would have been nice, and I'm almost sure they'll eventually add one. But honesty. Honestly. When was the last time you used the Webcam on your laptop? My laptop has one, and it's nice or fun once in awhile -- but I'd call it more novelty than necessity. Perhaps I'm wrong...
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    Koenigsegg leave Saab out to dry

    Shows you how much badge engineering can devalue a brand. The 9-2x was sold for 1 model year, and the 9-7x for maybe 2? Though they share platforms, the 9-5 and 9-3 are significantly different than the other cars that they share bits and pieces with. The new 9-5 will have some similarities, I...
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    I think I know what Apple is going to do!

    It's already been covered a little bit -- but this is distinctly a mobile device, the iPhone doesn't run an Intel chip either. Apple isn't going to go away from using Intel chips in their computers. I have 6 stocks on the Stocks widget on my dashboard. Apple, another tech stock, a market...
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    Car crash on way home.

    That is indeed very sad. On an almost unrelated note, I spent a few hours yesterday visiting a company who reconstructs accidents, mostly for lawsuits. Very interesting stuff.
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    Why the widespread lack of digital tuners?

    Seconded. True analog speedos were going out in the 80s. Gone totally, I'd guiess, by the 90s. Can't imagine any modern car with one.
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    need studying tips

    Engineering is a beast. You need to figure out where your problem actually lies. I used to spend a lot of time "doing homework" without getting anything done. For me, the aspects of Engineering they focus on in school (Analysis) are not the ones I'm most interested in (Product Design and...
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    Does Anybody Ever Get This Right?

    Yup, tons of us got it right by acknoweging the end of 2009 as the end of a decade. My dad asked me this same question "Don't you know that the decade doesn't end until next year" and I asked him if the people insisting that were the same loonies that were insisting that the 21st century didn't...
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    Flickr members

    Here's Me. Flickr does allow you very fine grained control over who can download high resolution images. You can restrict it to contacts, or even friends and/or family. I leave most my pictures up for anybody to download, I even slap a creative commons license on there so people can. As a...
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    Google Android Phone and CPF

    The good news is they actually update the software on these phones...sure they can update the software on "dumb" phones like the Razr, but how often do they? iPhone didn't have Bluetooth voice-dialing, they added it in one of the latest software updates, and I've heard as much complaining about...
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    Koenigsegg leave Saab out to dry

    Yup, still around. School both keeps me busy enough that I don't get to check in as often as I'd like, and keeps me :broke: broke enough that spending time in an expensive place like this would be detrimental anyway, but I'm still here...dreaming about bright things and driving Leo the red Saab...
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    Need an audio cable...

    Stopped in to make sure that Monoprice had been mentioned. Which it had.