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  1. Crenshaw

    Sold/Expired WTS: Fenix, Nitecore, Tiablo *Prices Lowered*

    Hi Guys, its been awhile. Moving toward different hobbies, and selling of the lights I hardly use. Shipping and Paypal included in price. Bit out of touch, so if the prices are outlandish, please let me know! Priority to "I'll Take It's" working out how to get images onto this thread. In the...
  2. Crenshaw

    Flashlight Simulator/Game

    I did a search and couldn't find anything related to this topic, so I apologize if it has been covered. I wonder if anyone has given thought to the idea of building what would effectively be a beamshot simulator? the idea being you run around in a virtual environment, and you're able to pick...
  3. Crenshaw

    Sold/Expired Surefire E1D, X300 Ultra, 2211X WristLight, GX2 LE, P3X Fury, EB1 Backup - BRAND NEW!

    which tail version of the EB1 is this? thanks! Crenshaw
  4. Crenshaw

    looking for ROP bulbs

    Is the OP still looking for them? where are you located? Crenshaw
  5. Crenshaw

    Would You still Buy an Arc AAA Today?

    Re: Anyone have an Arc AAA? Still worth it in my opinion. I am starting to have a hard time finding hardy, purpose built long running AAA lights. I treasure my ARC-PS, and Fenix E0 very much. Its worth getting one IMO, but for the most part I don't really see a need for more than one. Crenshaw
  6. Crenshaw

    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    photoshopped it for a little better clarity. There writing around the front bezel, and it look like a side switch Crenshaw
  7. Crenshaw

    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    Can anyone tell me what this is? Its from "Air" its killing me cos it looks like a streamlight, but I dont think it is Crenshaw
  8. Crenshaw

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    I saw your post vox, thats why I decided to ask if anyone here knew what was happening! I have been using the "international customers" email. I shall try and call them then, thanks for that tip! hopefully this works out in the end. I do like this light for the sheer amount of output it has off...
  9. Crenshaw

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    Hi everyone, I've been having a weird problem with my Titan-AAA recently. It doesn't want to got into low mode, its consistently stuck on high whenever you turn it on. I have isolated the problem, and it isnt the Circuitry. Using leads, I applied a regular Nimh to the contacts in the head, and...
  10. Crenshaw

    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    After reading alot about this light, I am really quite interested in surefire's first real attempt at cracking into the AAA market. My local distributor has been quite sluggish at getting them though. rickyro, why the personal attacks? its almost like youre trolling to try and get banned...
  11. Crenshaw

    Sold/Expired Non-battery-crush QTC flashlights (2nd run and combo package now available)

    Re: ON SALE! Fraz Labs QTC flashlights (3rd run now available version 1.1) I've been following this thread on and off for awhile. very interested in the 123a form factor one! and may buy the bigger once when i can get funds together. This looks like a great light. :) Crenshaw
  12. Crenshaw

    Battery Vampires - Lights that you can feed your "dead" cells to, listing..

    Re: Battery Vampires - Lights that you can feed your "dead" cells to, listing.. Hi Everyone, The vampire thread is back! risen from the dead! or something like that :candle::wave::whistle: First off, sorry for my long absence to CPF, I've been lurking on and off, but never had the time to...
  13. Crenshaw

    Nitecore SRT7 (XM-L2 White, 3xRGB - 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS+

    Amazing review as always thanks! :thumbsup: . a buddy of mine bought it and THATS how I found out about this light. its a pretty neat little light, if a tiny bit bright in the low modes..... Crenshaw
  14. Crenshaw

    Is Surefire discontinuing some flashlights?

    yes I shall be looking for a c3 on mp. i'm still waiting for the updated l1.. namely lx1. it's been something like 3 years? :( Crenshaw
  15. Crenshaw

    Is Surefire discontinuing some flashlights?

    I guess this is what I get for being out of it for so long. :( im so glad I managed to get a C2 before they discontinued it. Now I need to hunt for a C3 Crenshaw
  16. Crenshaw

    Things you really want that you will probably never have...

    never tried the headroom micro, so I couldnt tell you. The SR71B is pretty nice though. @nbp yeah well, the flashlight arena stop being exciting enough. I mean, the 38DD from Kuku is awesome, but I find my self just using my Quarks for 99% of tasks, and my T1A Titan for the rest. Its rare that...
  17. Crenshaw

    Things you really want that you will probably never have...

    right now, I'm wanting but will probably never attain, an SR71B from ray samuel's audio and and Ultrasone Edition 8, which I guess explains my recent absence from these brightly lit halls....:candle: Crenshaw
  18. Crenshaw

    Why do my LED lights keep dying?

    Every single fenix and 4sevens light with multimode I've ever had has it written in the manual to avoid running the list for long periods on max mode for the exact reason that heat will eventually kill the led. Given that you've been caving and keeping the lights on max the whole time, it's not...
  19. Crenshaw

    Fenix E05, small single level AAA light with build in diffuser

    I really like this light. I always thought the E01 was the perfect chuck-it-around and use it till it dies light. This one does all that at a similar price, but with more light. Crenshaw