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    So hard to find a good high cri light nowadays

    Right on. It's never been easier. You can find options across big name brands, smaller lower volume brands, boutique makers, custom makers, or ordering small quantities from component suppliers both big and small and doing the swap yourself. It's nothing like the dark days from 15 years ago when...
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    Exploding Flashlights

    Are we talking about CR123's? Those fumes are nasty and are considered toxic.
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    Need help replacing my MT-G2 flashlight

    You can try and find a TK35UE from 2014. That year model had the MT-G2.
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    XPL HI 6000K VS 219C?, Concern of low CRI

    If you're happy with the beam and tint then leave it alone unless you want something new. Don't get caught up in all of the audiophile CRI nonsense. The 219C isn't even guaranteed to run any cooler depending on the light if it's driven at the same power levels.
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    Pic heavy!!! Review Dual beam Lumintop EDC05c, an all-round compact edc light

    This thing is a couple of refinements away from being a great all rounder. Changing to common AA chemistries or 18650 and changing the main LED configuration to something more logical. Either more output or something that's not a XHP35. Maybe add a neutral option for the main LED and choice of...
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    Zebralight quality has been a big disappointment

    Alkaleaks can leak at any time regardless of how careful you may be. After all, you have no idea how long it was stored in a warehouse with no climate control before it reached the store then your light.
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    Your view of lights with non-replaceable, built-in batteries

    Nitecore is incapable of designing anything with low parasitic drain. It's like every product they make will self-drain within a few weeks if left alone. That's not an exaggeration, they are among the worst.
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    Defective Zebralight H600fd MK IV?

    What battery are you using exactly? Have you tried other batteries? Because the behavior you're describing sounds exactly like a low battery or one that is unable to keep up.
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    Zebralight SC64w HI

    I wanted to speak to this. I took the plunge and ordered one of these and out of the box I had this happen to me once after about half a dozen off-on clicks to H1. I tried 5-6 more times but it didn't reoccur. The next day I clicked off-on to H1 over 300 times over about 2 hours and I could not...
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    Would that be to meet the 4Q2018 sales expected by Wall Street?
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    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    Eneloop Pro's are less durable and hardy than regular Eneloops and the AAA size is less durable and hardy than the AA size. This leads to the situation where the Eneloop Pro's in AAA size being the Eneloop battery that is the least tolerant to any sort of abuse.
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    I'm done with Cool White!

    The road and utility construction crews I see operating at night use cool white flood lighting on site. It's too difficult to see details with warm white because everything turns into a uniform shade of mud.
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    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    I've had Eneloop Pro's AA develop very high internal resistance after use in some of the soda can lights in less than 15 cycles. High enough that my C9000 won't even touch them. The regular AAA is much less robust than the AA kind and I would think that applies to the Pro types too. Note I've...
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    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    AA Eneloop Pro's are pretty sketchy as it is. I wouldn't trust the AAA Pro's when from experience I know the regular AAA Eneloops already behave poorly compared to their bigger brothers.
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    streetlights with greenish-yellow tinged cast

    Maybe it's an effect similar to the Cree rainbows we see in flashlights. With older non LED types there was variance in tints and casts. I like some of the metal halide type lighting in use and they generally looked white but sometimes I would see some with slight green, blue, or even purplish...
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    Any meaningful changes in flashlights in the last 5 years?

    I guess all of the Cree XHP models (and equivalents like Nichia 144) are technically multiple LED dies combined together in a single package. The introduction of new drivers to enable use of high vF emitter packages from single cells in small lights is meaningful depending on what you want. High...
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    Zebralight xpl hi AA flashlight

    IMO 14500 in ZL form isn't worth the hassle. The SC64 is only 1/2 inch longer than the SC5x series but has a lot more output and runtime.
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    That's probably the disappointing part for me. I was curious what form a 21700 light from ZL would take and thought they could grow the tube from their SC6x/SC6XX lights. Perhaps the more slender version will come in a future SC70d.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I mean that's the story but it's not like the Cree's have been amazing.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    My beef with 4500K as EDC is because indoor lighting doesn't match up with it (neither does midday sun honestly) and the other d lights are a little too frosty (floody) for EDC duty.