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    VME Ideal Pairing

    Thanks for the many answers on using the M61 with the 1x18650. RIght now I do not have an up-to-date M61, so I keep the information for future use. I very much like the Ti-VME head, and I also have it attached to a McGizmo body (2xAA). And I use a Malkoff drop-in, the M31W. No question that...
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    VME Ideal Pairing

    You are right, it says that for the 450 lumen MD2, but does not give much detail, like voltage range or even type of LED. But for the M61 drop-in (plus the L and LL's) it says "The input voltage is 3.4 - 9 volts. Below 3.4 volts it will drop out of regulation and run direct drive". So I guess...
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    VME Ideal Pairing

    Thank you, I appreciate the response! Just to check -- on the Malkoff website it says about the M61 (and M61L and LL): "The input voltage is 3.4 - 9 volts. Below 3.4 volts it will drop out of regulation and run direct drive." So one question is whether you can indeed drive these new M61's...
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    VME Ideal Pairing

    How well does the M61WLL work with 1x16650? It is not really designed for a 1 LiIon battery setup.
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    E-series lego musings

    Beautiful flashlights, archimedes! On the 18650 with E-bodies, wouldn't 16650 make more sense?
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    When is enough, enough?

    I think it depends on needs. You may have enough and then decide you want to go on a special vacation which might include diving, caving, other activities. Then you find your available flashlights do not cover these needs. Or you decide you want to take up (or return to) biking. Well that's a...
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    The 18650 Wildcat head is back in stock. You can even find the neutral! (small number in stock). Tricap looks out of stock if you want to add a body to the Wildcat.
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    Coronavirus - II

    By the way, as one indication of how much there is still to learn about how this virus works: SMOKING some say is actually BENEFICIAL as a defense against the virus! Something about nicotine using the same receptors to bind as does the corona-virus, so in a way makes it more difficult for the...
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    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

    Welcome, goodbye. Old-timers, new-timers. Old old-timers. Incan, HID, LED, LEP. 2000, 2007, 2009, 2020. Sometimes life goes in circles, sometimes it goes up-up-up. And where are we? Either in the middle, or at one of the ends. Some consider CPF'rs eccentric, I think they are super.
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    Rest in peace, Woods Walker

    I had wondered why fewer posts and videos from WW, and at some later time run into posts mentioning his passing. With many things on my mind and needs to attend to, only now did I find this thread. Indeed I wish to offer my deepest condolences to his family, and note my own sadness. He was a...
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    COVID-19 emergency in the US starting to wind down. Some good news on testing remdesevir. Study from Chicago. I tried to find a story about this but google news refuses to provide any. Caught a whiff of this by trying to track down why stock-market futures up after market close today. But...
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    Right, you'd think you need SEVEN measures to find the one heavier item out of eight using a scale. But, using grouping, you can do it in maximum TWO! You choose two groups of 3 items each and weigh them against each other. If they are equal, you know the heavier item is in the remaining 2...
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    One smart idea I read recently, do several virus tests together--so called "pooled" tests. Nebraska is supposedly already doing this, you put 5 samples into one tube and test them together. Negative result, boom--you clear 5 people. You only do individual tests if the pooled test gives a...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Well there was this thread on why people like the C2, part II alone has more than 1100 posts:*part-2*/page38 Admittedly, as the C2 was discontinued by Surefire, the thread stopped expanding. Not sure...
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    I want to hear from you: What makes CPF work?

    I really think the owner(s) or administrator(s) are great people! (Greta, ...). The original one(s), and the current one(s). After all, who chooses the moderators? Or supports the technology which works so well? (and tech that had to be upgraded, with coding involved, to deal with the higher...
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    I hate mode memory, and does anyone like it?

    If you need a tactical light (one mode, max-blast), then get one. For general use, if you have a programmable light, then mode memory is a good thing, because it's a useful shortcut to avoid going through many possibilities. The Emisar system gives you many output levels accessible by...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Thanks Jose Marin, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words, and you just gave us 15,000 words! It's great to have all of these drop-ins and flashlights we've been talking about collected in one set of pictures. Also helpful to see what does it mean in practice to choose throw over flood...
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    Discontinued flashlight that you love

    I was going to say Inova X5 but just to be sure I did a little bit of checking, at least in the UV version it seems to still be around! Maybe then the Surefire L1 with the red LED. That was one awesome light for what it did. On low you got a runtime of 90 hours on 1xCR123A primary! At least...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Thanks! Was only checking the drop-ins, yet some choices (like the M61T) are only available via the pre-packaged flashlights webpage. For my purposes, I am happy with the M61HOT and don't see any advantage to move to the M61T even if it were back in stock. I also see there the M91T as a...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I very much appreciated your info, so thank you very much! For all the data and Malkoff drop-ins and flashlights I have, I don't actually have any on the M61T. And since it is not on the website, there is no info about it that I can see. One more item on the M91T, in fact I did test it with...