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    LM334 end of regulation

    Actually using a series RC combo instead of just a capacitor will be more stable over a wider range of conditions. I checked my notes on this circuit and it appears that with C greater than 0.047uF and R between 100 and 470 ohms it works well. Circuit should work at 1A but remember that the main...
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    Aged Li-Ions ?

    For an extreme case of aged Li-ion, checkout posts 19 and 22 in this thread:
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    LM334 end of regulation

    :lolsign: I thought the text in the first 3 pages of that linked document looked familiar. Upon closer inspection I recognized that it had been lifted from an article that I had written it for a printed publication back in 1998!
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    10440 safety question (LoD-CE)

    AFAIK, all available 10440 cells do not contain any overdischarge protection. Using such a cell in any light such as the LOD-CE that will overdischarge an unprotected Li-ion cell is unwise. Subsequently recharging such a cell where you may put at risk life or property other than your own is an...
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    New Luxeon: Rebel

    Kinnza: A big thanks for the links to some excellent references. I may not have time to plow through all 101 pages of the one you have linked below but I am thinking that perhaps you meant to direct our attention to page 24 vs the 20 that you reference below.
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    Distributor for Cree Optics. Update: the order is in!

    Re: Distributor for Cree Optics. Larry, a big thanks for putting this together. Despite my earlier expression of interest, I am going to pass on this one for now. I have a strong preference for the lower CCT bins. The color bin that Amy says is currently in stock is simply not to my tastes...
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    Distributor for Cree Optics. Update: the order is in!

    Re: Distributor for Cree Optics. Larry, while it generally is not possible to specify a *specific* color bin, their order codes do imply either any possible color bin or a restricted range such as WC, WD, WF, WG. Unfortunately neither the current nor prior rev of their Binning and Labeling...
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    Any mods for Brinkmann Rebel 2AA?

    I personnally have not looked at this light. If it is the same circuit as reported in other 2AA Brinkmann LED lights, circuit shown in link below: then you can find some ideas on how this circuit can be modified in the...
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    Sanyo / Eneloop Info:

    Yes! That's it. I searched long and in vain for that on the Sanyo sites. Substituting the AAA part # in your link leads to the AAA datasheet also: Thanks! Let me know if you ever run across the Rayovac Hybrid datasheets. I have...
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    Need purchase recommendation

    I looked at the atlasnova site but unfortunately it doesn't have a search function. A random sampling of their offerings did not turn up anything called a leadlight. Can anyone provide a specific link? Also can anyone explain to me why a conventional light meter would not be suitable for...
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    Need purchase recommendation

    Sub 5mW is fine. It is the stability that I'm after. I should add that I don't mind if I need to follow some protocol such as letting it run for say 10 seconds and then using it for the minute or so in which the stable output is desired. It would be great if someone(s) with both a laser pointer...
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    Need purchase recommendation

    Go easy on me guys, this is not a subforum I visit. Perhaps this is the first time. I am looking for an inexpensive laser pointer preferably running on AA or AAA cells. I dont care about color or about anything else except the following: Output must be relatively stable [within a few % would be...
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    Hybrid cells Rayovac

    I'm still looking for an actual datasheet for the eneloops as well as the Rayavac Hybrids. I'm yet to find either.
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    Sanyo / Eneloop Info:

    I'm still looking for an actual datasheet for the eneloops as well as the Rayavac Hybrids. I'm yet to find either.
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    whats with the sudden dislike of pwm?

    Over 1 Mhz. Possibly on the order of 10 Mhz but that is beyond the limitations of my equipment to measure it.
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    MOSFET-based LM334 regulator

    Hi Al, it has been a long time. With your suggestion this thread has come full circle. As originally posted several years back, Darin was doing what you are now suggesting. I dissuaded him from locating the capacitor there with the arguement in post #4 that under some conditions this will...
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    >>> PWM Frequency List <<<

    An oscilloscope probe placed near the front of the light may be able to pick it up via capacitive coupling.
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    MOSFET-based LM334 regulator

    Darin, I note in your revised circuit that the time constant of the lower resistor times the capacitor value is 4.7K X 2.2uF = 10msec. See my post #4 in this thread where I noted that I found that 10K X 1.5uF = 15msec was the lower bound for consistant stability. I believe that you will find...
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    Impedance Graphs

    Bill, I note your sigline but I'll ask anyway. There seems to be a industry quasi-standard of measuring cell impedence at 1kHz. Are the values you have provided in fact AC impedences, and if so are they at 1 kHz, or are they actually cell DC resistances? BTW, the later value is more useful for...
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    Maha MH-C9000 Wizard One Charger

    So do I understand correctly that even for a low capacity cell, suppose a 600mAhr rated AAA, it will charge another 200mAhr worth after termination by it's normal algorithim before going to the 10mA trickle?