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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Hi Bart, I would prefer the green colour, as the brightness of this yellow one is relatively dim. Do you have any idea on how can I return this one back to you without incurring any additional cost?
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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Hi Bart, I've just received my tritium order. However, I received yellow, instead green as ordered. What should I do? Best Regards, Bernhard
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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Thank you for the info, Bart :)
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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Thank you Bart. In your experience, how long approximately does it takes to arrive? Also, do you know what glue that people here use to attach this vials to their flashlight and protect it from bump?
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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Fund sent...
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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    Hi Bart, I'm looking to buy 6 green 1.55x5mm tritium shipped to Sydney, Australia. Can you let me know total I need to pay? Is it US$49? Please let me know. Thank you in advance :)
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    Sold/Expired P60 modules -warm, neutral, cool white/XRE-XPE-XPG-S2-XML-U2 / NICHIA 92CRI (part 10)

    Paypal sent (Transaction ID 4ME25228S4089001H) for: Cree XM-L U2 Bin 1C 6500k+ Cool White OP Reflector 3 level / 2.8 amp /3.4 - 9 volts (high / med / low with memory) Best used with 2X Li ion or 2X primaries $45 Potted $5 International shipping $5 To be used in Surefire M2. Thank you. In...
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    Sold/Expired Odd Mods Adapters, 3AA-21AA, M6 rechargeable solutions, Dummy cells, Customs!

    Paypal payment sent for one 3x17670 for SureFire M6, shipped to Australia. Thank you.
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    Zebralight update

    I'm also waiting for H501...
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    Sold/Expired ***** DHS Heatsink 2nd Run (Ready to Ship)*****

    Hi H22A, Payment sent for 3 piece of Dsize heatsink for P7. Thanks...
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    Questions on the Zebralight AA version

    I prefer H50 with clicky switch and slightly more throw, probably like current H30, so I will basically buy the H501 once it is available. BTW, when this H501 be available? I know Zebralight talking about June/July availability, but it ins June now and we haven't heard anything from them? Come...
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    Surefire Titan T1A Guess the Price!!

    If it is under $150, I'll buy one too...
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    JetBeam JET-I PRO (Cree R2) 1AA Review: Beamshots, Runtimes, and more!

    Yes, bring on Jet-I Pro V2 please...
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    Rebel RB100 - WOW!

    I prefer the color around 5600K - 6300K, cool white. It really emphasize that the flashlight that you have are actually LED flashlight, and not oldies Xenon or Halogen... Regarding rebel have warmer tint, this is not entirely accurate. They are subject to color binning as well, I believe. So not...
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    SureFire E1B Backup

    I don't really like the look of this light. It looks cheap compared to the design of other SF light. The smaller front also looks ugly IMHO. Although I haven't see this light in person, this is my first impression just by looking at the picture. I don't like the word "Backup" either. It...
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    Why aren't the Surefire lights way brighter?

    I myself waiting for Surefire to release much brighter version that using Cree LED, or multi LED replacement module/replacement head to use with my SF collection, E1e, E2e, M2, M3, M6, etc...
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    Sensor in front of my diode???? LOOK

    That is a Photo Diode sensor. Is it used to give feedback and regulate the laser power. It is present in every newwish laser of that model. I open 3 of mine and it is present in all of them. The glass that sits on 45 degree angle is actually a half pass mirror (or whatever it called), that send...
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    DVD burners that rock for diodes.

    1. Lite-On 2. LH-20A1P 3. Open can for both IR and Red 4. Not Known
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    DVD burners that rock for diodes.

    1. Sony 2. DRU-700A 3. Closed can for both IR and Red. 4. Unknown Output
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    Sold/Expired Aviatrix Update - All buyers and interested members please read!

    Yes, I'm waiting for you to open the order for international customer... Paypal standing by...