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    The official PKDL thread

    The PL2 is still my favorite AAA torch.
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    The official PKDL thread

    Thanks for the information! It's a remarkable driver, especially considering the tiny power source. Has anyone runtime tested the medium mode on the PR1?
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    My favorite ZL is the little H52. While not the best at any one thing, it checks a lot of boxes for versatility.
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    The official PKDL thread

    Since mid 2016 my absolute favorite AAA illumination platform. The reach for such a small light is exceptional, and the low mode runtime is exceptional. Kudos to the designer.
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    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    Absolutely like and use the AAA battery format. Started with a Arc AAA , then on to Fenix L0D , and this year moved to a PKDL PL2. Big fan of the high mode reach and low mode runtimes. It's survived more trips through the washer and dryer, and falls to concrete, than I care to admit.