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  1. lightlover

    Popcan lights fizzling out?

    Mr. bykfixer, Did I said something smart? (Wow! - if only I could remember what it was!) About Popcan lights - Ima gonna get at least 2, to fit gaps in my collection. You got to have a Popcan example - does one not? [ I mean, really? ]
  2. lightlover

    "ULed" a new high lumen monster

    Re: "ULed" a new high lumen monster Can't deny that. This Topic is not one of CPF's greatest moments. (I just hope everything turns out OK).
  3. lightlover

    The official PKDL thread

    Re: Paul Kim's PK-PR1 WoW! Good one bykfixer! I like the black PVD, but a Silver (Nickel) PR1 would look real fine. (Slightly cheaper to produce too?) Yeah, a Nickel plate finish = very cool.
  4. lightlover

    The official PKDL thread

    Re: Paul Kim's PK-PR1 pk, 당신이 내 글을 읽고 있다면, 당신은 매우 지루합니다 ...
  5. lightlover

    The official PKDL thread

    Re: Paul Kim's PK-PR1 Naw pk, byxfizer has a way with words - FACT!" (... ""Boing, there it went" still amuses me, mohths later ...) But pk, you do too = in your own way - I've never felt had to ask you to repeat you good self to understand! Two Communicators ... [ Of course, one of...
  6. lightlover

    Arc flashlight is officially out of business...again

    Mr Woods, Not familiar with that - care to expand on it? (I like the histories!)
  7. lightlover

    What have i missed? Whats new and improved these days?

    Str8stroke, I LOVE History-Posts! Yes, (New Topic?) expand on it!? Sincerely, Jahn
  8. lightlover

    Found: Diffusers (flat & lantern style) that fit the Thrunite TN4A (& the Fenix E41?)

    Re: Found: Diffusers (flat & lantern style) that fit the Thrunite TN4A (& the Fenix E One Day Soon ... Wendee will be a CPF fixture! [ Thanks for the info "Wendee! + your "approach"]
  9. lightlover

    Is There An 18650 Light That Has Non Conductive Case?

    ven, Re: the Solarforce P1, is that a dark metal showing through the body cut-outs?
  10. lightlover

    Thrunite mini TN30?

    Bb3, With such a Super-Light – it’s an investment!! I-N-V-E-S-T-M-E-N-T! (I think you mentioned that your strongest light so far was ~2,500lu?) You positively owe it to yourself Sir Badbeams… And that’s a light with more lumens than Your Eminence’s post-count – YaY! I’m excited for you...
  11. lightlover

    Thrunite mini TN30?

    Bb3 - I feel your pain ... (As would anyone who knows your depth of Love For Lights) I am looking at the Klarus G30 too, and if it arrives / arrived delinquent, it would annoy me considerably too! (Damage my faith in Human Affairs ...) I can only recommend that you play with a >5,000lu+...
  12. lightlover

    Paul Kim's PKFL2LE?

    A positive and sympathetic review: Makes me feel glad I got 1 of the 1,000 limited edition.
  13. lightlover

    Got my solarforce the other day.

    bykfixer: you are a man at least twice blessed ... "Honey, did you have enough time to check out the flashlights section?" :p :)
  14. lightlover

    Nichia 219 edc?

    +1 Few wasted words in a KIL post!
  15. lightlover

    *new* Acebeam K70: max. 2600 lumens, 1300 meters throw

    Cool pics ven! Thanks for that info. And all your work, too.
  16. lightlover

    New Preon, Tool Ti, Ti5T, K18 SS : A layman's review

    Dear kreisl, Great photos there - and some of the shiniest lights ever seen on CPF! You must be very patient about polishing them up to such brilliance. (Me, I enjoy polishing-up my lights: so that they're bright both ways!)
  17. lightlover

    New Surefire 6P incan on its way

    OOps! I did wonder about kj2 asserting that ... Thankx, Grizzman! (For a short while, I thought I was Actually Contributing with Knowledge ... !) Sorry kj2! (Deep in my heart, I knew better ...)
  18. lightlover

    New Surefire 6P incan on its way

    Umm, the SPORTAC P60 modules?
  19. lightlover

    Preferred Color Temperature?

    WoW! So is that all Tungsten (filament) lights? A top temperature of 3,700K? Not very White ...