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    Hands Free Light For Around The Campfire?

    I like the headband for many different mounting solution other than on the head. As mentioned already you can wear it around your neck. I also use mine as a waist mounted light, wrist mounted light, and bicycle headlight all using the same headband and also hang the light from the band to use...
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    Backpack light

    To me it looks like it puts out too much flood and the throw is too limited. Kind of like when I use my Zebralight H602w light by itself in the woods. It ends up being very bright close up and you can't see out beyond the beam b/c it's so bright up close. A flood light is great around camp or...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I heard a noise in basement that sounded like something scurrying. I investigated with my Zebralight H600w and with the help of my Golden Retriever. Then I caught a flash of white from something that was scurrying away from me. My Golden Retriever jumped back which made me jump too. Some...
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    What would you like to see in 2016 ?

    I'd like to see manufacturers concentrate more on reliability of their lights rather than going for a lumens race or fancy UI. Nothing worse then a light malfunctioning after a fall from waist height or one that malfunctions from one too many clicks of the tail switch b/c the manufacturer uses...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I have an Armytek Predator Pro v3 XP-L High Intensity flashlight coming this week. It will be my first Armytek and first light with this type of High Intensity LED.
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    The ULTIMATE Tactical Flashlight interface. Help show interest

    My way of thinking is you should be carrying 2 lights anyway. I use a zebralight 90 degree floody light clipped to my shirt and then carry another regular flashlight on my belt. The zebralight is for reading and filling out paperwork and general tasks and the belt mounted light is set to high...