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  1. Burgess

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Tonight feeding my cat in the TOTALLY DARK garage, I chose to use my Fenix E01 (one-mode,13 Lumen). Even then used it to walk to my mailbox (nearly a mile, round-trip, deserted gravel road). Total Darkness, Cloudy, no moon. Gotta' say it was certainly PLENTY of lumens. But the color (of...
  2. Burgess

    there are some Jokes

    The pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express praise for answered prayers. Suzie stood and walked to the podium. She said, "I have a praise. Two months ago, my husband, Phil, had a terrible bicycle wreck and his scrotum was completely crushed. The pain was...
  3. Burgess

    Recommend A Book, Part II

    Reading this now (on my Kindle), and find it VERY interesting ! 100 years old, and still quite captivating.
  4. Burgess

    Lookin' for the some "Old Timers" forum members

    Long time here . . . . .
  5. Burgess

    What light is this?

    :lovecpf: _
  6. Burgess

    Relative "durability and quality" of these 3 brands: Sofirn, Zebra, and Convoy?

    FWIW -- I have Multiple flashlights of Each of those 3 brands for YEARS and YEARS now, and have (to date, anyway (1/01/2023) experienced *ZERO* problems with any of them. :lovecpf: _
  7. Burgess

    any gamers here?

    Spent quite a few hours enjoying the Zork trilogy ! (text-only, and very enjoyable)
  8. Burgess

    any gamers here?

    Gotta' admit: Playing Donkey.bas is now a Lot more challenging than on my 8088 PC. :p (you kids will hafta' Google that . . . .)
  9. Burgess

    Why do you EDC?

    Vision problems. I can't see in the dark.
  10. Burgess

    Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

    Maria Ouspenskaya(1876-1949)
  11. Burgess

    One is none

    Keep in mind, it was 1982. Flashlights had an incandescent bulb. Which could BURN OUT at any time, and were often Very sensitive to shock, like dropping yer' flashlight . . . . . :eek: At BEST, your flashlight has a spare bulb located in the tailcap or head. Or you may have carried a spare in...
  12. Burgess

    Manker MC01 - Awesome little EDC light. Really like this one!

    Built-In battery means a No-Go for me. o_O _
  13. Burgess

    One is none

    HERE is the LINK to the video on YouTube --
  14. Burgess

    One is none

    Great thread here ! :lovecpf: And today, at age 69, I learned what a Bothy Bag is ! (y) _
  15. Burgess

    Orbtronic 21700, 18650 and 16340s

    I can attest that Sal and Orbtronic are truly First-Class in batteries and service ! :clap: _
  16. Burgess

    Which AA LED lights currently owned are your favorites?

    Reylight Brass Pineapple (ver. 4) with 3000° emitter !
  17. Burgess

    Any retail stores out there still sell decent flashlights?

    My local Wal-Marts had Clearance Sale on Mag-Lights perhaps 5 years ago. Classic incand. AA Mini-Maglights for $ 5 each. (including 2 additional bulbs !) 47 Lumen LED Solitaires for $ 7 each. Bought a buncha' BOTH, in various pretty colors !
  18. Burgess

    Do you actually use your copper or brass lights ?

    I certainly use my Brass and Copper flashlights ! Love the patina they develop
  19. Burgess

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    After several years of extensive testing, I can give a VERY BIG THUMBS UP to Uniball PowerTank 1.0mm Black RT ballpoints ! Yes, it has pressurized ink, to write at ANY angle, but has NEVER, EVER leaked or "crapped" AT ALL for me ! FAR superior to Fisher Space Pens ...