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    What lubricant?

    Confused about lubricants I've been researching this for a while now, and my understanding is that nyogel is a good lube that will make my P2D's threads silky smooth and easy to turn. Will nyogel do this? If so, what specific type (I've seen multiple numbers after "nyogel") and where can I...
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    Fenix Turbo Mode

    Hand warm. Less avg. kinetic energy/molecule to lose before able to freeze. jirik_cz: I would also check that there was a thermal insulator (maybe a piece of styrofoam between the flashlight and the metal test tube clamp in both trials.
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    My first Build...

    looks pretty awesome! Nice job! Teflon coating sounds like a good idea. Does it provide good grip on a flashlight? I don't have much experience with the material.
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    Flashlight Story

    No offense taken, TB. At least there is a small fauxton on her keyring. E2x2e, :crackup:
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    Flashlight Story

    Believe it or not, I wasn't. It was a real blackout. The funny thing is, since I got into flashlights, we haven't had a single blackout until now. It only lasted about 5 minutes, unfortunately. Before it started, I had the pleasant 10 second "hurry and unplug the laptop and get out a...
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    Flashlight Story

    Well, although I enjoy the use and ownership of various flashlights, my parents feel otherwise. We were having a discussion on the matter earlier tonight when I brought up that if they don't want to carry a flashlight, at least there should be one within arm's reach of the toilet, preventing...
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    Judging light size from photo

    I have a hard time doing this, especially with Fenix and Surefire lights. I guess its just the pre-CPF days of C and D powered flashlights. CR123A's have roughly the same proportions as a C cell, so that just makes it worse.
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    If you could have any light

    Eveready Economy Bright Light Just kidding. I think I would want a SF Beast II.
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    Flashaholics rejoice! Earth Hour 2008 is coming!

    Google "turned the lights out" - look at their homepage! I've got my flashlights all primed and ready...
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    My fenix came with different tail cap

    I have the 6 rolls one on my new P2D Q5. Don't know when it was ordered, got it for Christmas :) Stephen
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    P2D for Christmas (and first impressions from a newbie)

    I finally got a quality light! I received a Fenix P2D Q5 for Christmas! This is my first quality light and I'm very excited about using it. We're going to the movies tomorrow :D. Size: Nothing can really get across the incredibly small size of this light other than seeing it in person. It...