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  1. rookiedaddy

    Is a malkoff p60 worth it

    +2 to that!
  2. rookiedaddy

    Manufacturer Grades_Who makes what level of quality.

    +1 however, let's play along and allow me to humbly offer my lists (only lights that I have handled or use before... and I may miss a few brand names...) Superior - none, or rather, any brand and any light that is with my person when I need it most! Consistently Good - Elzetta - Malkoff - HDS...
  3. rookiedaddy

    is anyone future proofing against 'too-powerful' lights?

    @mickb, you are not alone... these are mine... simple and not blinding... I initially thought the E05 may not live beyond 2 years on my keychain, so I haul up as many as I could without raising suspicious to my better half, but my first E05 lasted 4+ years, and my second E05 is showing no sign...
  4. rookiedaddy

    flashlight & flashlight app

    I use flashlight app only when I'm in cinema even though I have between 3 to 5 EDC lights with me whenever I'm not at home... so that I blend-in and doesn't look weird to other movie goers...
  5. rookiedaddy

    Olight 2016

    Hi John, you can minimize the damage by taping the place where the clip contact the body where-ever you can with masking tape, and then just pull the clip away... see below gif... note that there will always be some small scratches, and anodizing on the edges of the body will be first to go...
  6. rookiedaddy

    Olight 2016

    Olight 2016 (second half, that is...) Was contacted by local flashlight dealer back in July whether I'm interested to test a couple of flashlights with direct Q&A with the manufacturer Olight, in exchange, to share my user experience with the community... hey, how can I say no to...
  7. rookiedaddy

    Flashlight of the year-2016

    ahh... I remember that... ULed... man... that thing looks huge! :laughing:
  8. rookiedaddy

    Flashlight of the year-2016

    My nomination (only for lights that I owned in 2016): by battery: 1 x AAA......PKDL PL-2 2 x AAA......Lumintop IYP365 1 x AA.......Olight S1A 1 x CR123A...Olight SMini Ti Bead Blasted and still the best (regardless of the year it came out)... for SHTF.......SureFire C2 with Malkoff Drop-in...
  9. rookiedaddy

    My Son's new book light

    :thumbsup: Agreed. That's why I start him young... with a NIB G2 ~3-4 years ago with constant supervision whenever he is playing with it. :kiss: It's the only "plastic-light" I could find and trust that can withstand his abuse without leaving anyone around him bruises or cuts (including...
  10. rookiedaddy

    My Son's new book light

    LOL!!! :grin2:
  11. rookiedaddy

    Flashlight stops bullet, anyone know what kind of flashlight this is?

    hmmm... that looks like a 2-in-1 zoomable Flashlight + Lantern. Pictured below is my unit. Bought it a year or 2 ago. A few more pictures: It's a 3 x AAA light, 3 modes in cycle, high - low - strobe, reverse clicky. The switch boot is big. I'm not sure if it's the same make and...
  12. rookiedaddy

    My Son's new book light

    He likes "playing" with it. He will ask me to turn off all lights and will read for 10-15 minutes. The light...
  13. rookiedaddy

    Surefire C3 17500's and McClicky problems

    I remember AW replied to my queries some years ago that he do not recommend using 2 x P17500 with P91, as the cells can't supply the required current to power P91, 2 x P18500 (bored host) or 2 x P17670 (with extender) is the minimum recommended. P90 is perfectly fine with 2 x P17500 tho... :)...
  14. rookiedaddy

    Brite Strike APALS Air

    reviving an old thread... :nana: recently get my hands on a couple of these, was thinking it's a good replacement for "glow-stick" (chemical or battery-powered), but after testing, these are much better than that and it's in a league of its own. Given the low cost, I'm impressed by the value...
  15. rookiedaddy

    Some Diffuser Film, DIY

    no worries tam17. been sharing with local "flashlight enthusiasts"... it's nice to share with like-minded people. :) I have cut some approximately 3" x 8" sheet of #5 film, anyone interested to try can drop me a PM with your address, and I will send a sheet to you after post-office re-open. I...
  16. rookiedaddy

    Some Diffuser Film, DIY

    @tam17, if you like, you can PM your address and I will cut a small sheet that fit into an envelope and mail to you. perhaps having the sample on hand is easier to find.
  17. rookiedaddy

    Some Diffuser Film, DIY

    @lampeDépêche, I found the film at the window/glass film/tinting section, i think some refer these film as privacy film or something. @tam17, :laughing:, no secret here, take a look at the pic I took below... and for slightly higher resolution, 715 x 1024, link here >>>...
  18. rookiedaddy

    Some Diffuser Film, DIY

    Manage to get a small piece of DC Fix film from my friend, here are the results of comparisons.
  19. rookiedaddy

    Some Diffuser Film, DIY

    @tam17, you are right, thinner film doesn't necessarily has better translucency, I think the design (opacity and pattern) of the film does. I also forgot to take a pic with the scotch tape I have, #4 above is slightly better than the scotch tape. :)