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    Best EDC torch/flashlight

    Whilst I use AAA's around the house personally I prefer AA for EDC due to the longer run times and also much higher outputs if required and either my Manker E11 which I modified with an XP-L Hi or ZL SC52w
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    What new trends are on the horizon?

    I've never had to use it but the other night I was walking in a quiet area (with said pedigree) and someone told me some "unpleasants" had been seen leaving a stables which had been stolen from recently and it was comforting to know I had it, we were also going for a weekend break and some of...
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    Three Essential Torches/Flashlights

    Zebralight SC52w, 62w and Ultratac K18 I'd like to include a Nirecore MH20GT as nothing else comes close to it for throw and I use it quite a bit for shooting in the evenings (just airguns in the garden) but as that's mainly just for one specific purpose it's kind of essential to me but not...
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    Still having trouble with an Astrolux

    There are a lot of reported driver problems with Astrolux at the moment, people having the same issues as yourself and the same problem as I had with an S1 ... that was when I could actually get it to switch on at all. I also bought an A01 in the same shipment and that hasn't worked since the...
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    Best Tool For Heatshrink??

    No worries ... I'll give it a try ... think I was also a little wary of it and getting my fingers too close to something that gave out a serious amount of heat :caution:
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    Best Tool For Heatshrink??

    I dug out a paint strip gun from the garage but I figured that might be overkill, I also found another more substantial hair dryer rather than the little one I was using and that made quite a bit if difference so looks like I may have cracked it. Cheers for the tip about too much heat ...
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    Best Tool For Heatshrink??

    Trying to find out what people have found best for heat shrink ….. A hairdryer I find is borderline as to whether it’s hot enough, a kitchen blow torch will very easily melt the wrap and a lighter I always seem to end up either not giving it enough heat or leaving horrible carbon deposits...
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    What new trends are on the horizon?

    zulumoose ... go and do it then!!!! I'd wish you all the very best of success with your venture and when you've made your 1st million I'll also be the 1st to unreservedly congratulate you !!! I'd certainly be interested in any designs that someone came up with for one of these but the very 1st...
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    What new trends are on the horizon?

    Whilst in theory it's a great idea I think the reality is you'd either have to massively compromise on the quality of the tools / size of battery etc or alternatively be carrying something the size of a small house and most of the time when I'm out walking the dog don't need the other bits so...
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    Every time I make my mind up and am about to buy one of their lights they discontinue it ... was just about to order the SC52 ... darn.
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    Is anyone else annoyed at the proliferation of side-button flashlights?

    I'd imagine the manufacturers are supplying what's in greater demand and sells the most ... whilst all of my 1st torches were button at the rear ... now unless I wanted to use it for a specific purpose ie shooting or bicycle light where rear buttons work better ... if it didn't have a side...
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    Now i need a thrower, suggestions please..

    Nitecore MH 20 GT if you're after a small light
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    Difference in Zebralight SC 62 vs 62 W tints

    Does anyone happen to have the SC 62 in both W and cool white and is there a massive difference in tints??? I saw somewhere that some of the W's were too far the other way and the "cool white" wasn't nearly as cool as the 6300k was in comparison to other lights and didn't suffer the blue tint...
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    The dreaded "family member asks flashlight advice" thread

    Think it's really funny but also true seeing how many people raise their eyebrows at what we spend on torches and yet I'll bet every one of them has a hobby whether it's going to the gym, fishing, shooting, golf. windsurfing, wake boarding or one of a few hundred others that will cost...
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    Are you flood or throw?

    I'm with you on this ... some have a decent throw but aren't what I'd call dedicated throwers ... I've just bought a Niteye ec-r16 which falls into this category and is more usable as an everyday than say a Manker T01 and the same when comparing the ZL SC600w Mk III HI against a Nitecore MH20GT...
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    Are you flood or throw?

    You could also argue the SC600w Mk III HI is more throw but enough flood for your average EDC scenario :-)
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    Are you flood or throw?

    I've never had a Zebralight SC600 Mk II to compare it to but where you mentioned a thrower with some spill, if I compare it to a Nitecote MH20GT I find the Nitecore is a much more dedicated thrower without much spill which is great for some specific uses but it's not as good as an everyday...
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    Why no up/down toggle switches for brightness?

    Must admit it'd be good to see more torches with a down as well as up especially for cycling where you often want to change depending on where you are and don't want to cycle the whole way through. I bought an Astrolux S1 because it had this option but the actual torch was faulty and sent it...
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    Are you flood or throw?

    The ZebralightSC600w Mk III HI has a nice mix between the 2 ... if you want smaller / more EDC both the Manker T01 II and the Jetbeam II Pro are great little throwers with a reasonable spill ... I also de-domed a Manker E11 which gives it a bit more throw but not as much as the others. I've...
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    Are you flood or throw?

    I agree with this but I'd even go a stage further, I have the Nitecore MH20GT but it's so specifically throw that for general use / dog walking at night I prefer the ZL SC600w Hi as it gives a bit more flood but you can still see way out into the distance when you need to ..... The Nitecore for...