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    What am I missing: Why does my 300 lumens light seems brighter than my 550 lumens light?

    Are you running an AA or 14500 in the Archer? It will not put out 550 with a regular AA. If you are running it with a 14500, then it’s probably beam profile as said already.
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    Sunwayman V10r Ti+ mod to 519a 3000K

    Looks great. I knew you wouldn’t have it long before going to a HCRI and not surprised you went with the 519a. So much better than before.
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    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    Streamlight Sidewinder Military Model With white, red, blue, and infrared light. At the time, I preferred my issue Surefire incandescent. My preference for LEDs began when I purchased a Fenix LD01. So much brightness and runtime from such a small light. Wish I still had it, but loaned it out...
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    Best AA edc flashlight?

    I know the !alkoff MDC AA has been mentioned, as well as the low being really low. I thought the same, even though I absolutely like the medium and high, plus the fact that it throws better than any AA I am aware of. I wasn’t happy with the sub-lumen low, but stumbled on an easy fix that...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I picked up two Foursevens Quarks during the 30% off sale on April 7th. Like the ability to change up battery tubes to match up with the priority for pocketability or runtime.
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    Best AA edc flashlight?

    Update: just realized my versions of the lights are V3s, not the PROs (thanks Jonathan!). My comments are valid for the V3, but I have no experience with the PRO. The Sofirn Sp10 Pro (actually V3, not the PRO) is a very nice light, but has a rather significant standby drain issue in my...
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    ZL H53 on 14500?

    Thanks for the additional testing Fireclaw. While I will probably use standard AAs more than 14500s in my SC53, it’s good to have additional indications that 14500s are safe to use. I much prefer my lights to multiple chemistry capable and this bumps the SC53 up a few notches in ranking among...
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    ZL H53 on 14500?

    Seems more than a few of us were wondering if 14500s were viable in the SC53/H53. Picked up mine new from their website about six months a ago. So assuming they haven't updated the driver or firmware update since, it should be current. Had been meaning to try it with a14500 for a while, but...
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    ZL H53 on 14500?

    Some mixed results for your consideration. Don't have an H53 on hand to try it with a 14500, tried a 14500 in the SC53c (should be same driver) and it performed similar to my SC52 and SC52 L2. High was definitely brighter running a 14500 than running with either an NIMH or a 1.5v lithium...
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    What's your most trusted light?

    My HDS Clicky or my lightly modded Zebralight SC64w Hi. Inserted a metal ring in the tail cap of the Zebralight and now it will run just about any length 18650, plus now it also fits and works well with two CR123As.
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    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    My most carried is any one of the Olight S minis or S1 minis because they disappear in the pocket, have a good U/I and can provide hours of use at medium or below settings. That said, if I know I am going into the night, it’s normally an HDS Executive it’s 18650 battery tube or a Wurkkos FC11.
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    i need a 1 cell aa light!

    As far as the beam profile, the i5T is nearly all flood. I am an unabashed Olight fan, but the i5T’s beam profile (similar to that of my Olight H1R) lacks much in the way of useful throw.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    Eagtac D25C mini, a twisty that is happiest with 3.0v (loses medium mode with more than 3.0v), so seldom run rechargeables in it. Swapped the LED to a high CRI LH351D, which also provides a much larger hotspot. Nice for night walks.
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    Eagtac DX3B MKII

    I don’t have the DX3B MKII, but have the DX3B, which has the same U/I, so a couple of thoughts. Like a lot of newer tactical lights that try to offer multiple modes, it is really a single mode flashlight for one hand use with the tail cap. That mode can be preprogrammed to either high or the...
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    Any suggestion for a Olight SR1 Baton alternative without magnets?

    You might also consider the Acebeam TK16. Very similar interface through a tail switch. No magnet. Just a little bit larger. Choice of three different LEDs depending on your desire (HCRI, Throw or super bright).
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    Protected 14500s- what do they fit? Constant Current regulation?

    The keeppower 14500 1000mAh fit in and work in my Frelux Synergy 2 and my EAGTAC D25As. I have both the Keeppower and the Vapecell 1000mAh and prefer the Vapecell as the Keeppowers length (longer than most other AAs and 14500s) limit their compatibility with different lights.
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    14500 flashlight? Is this one good?

    The ReyLight is a nice light and is relatively bright on a 14500 on high (about 500 lumens). It has a fairly small reflector, so don’t expect to throw all that far. I have one that I rotate with my other lights and enjoy it for use around the house. More than enough inside or working in the...
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    XPL HI 6000K VS 219C?, Concern of low CRI

    I think it comes down to your words, “It has a very good beam and tint however.” If you like it and it works for you, don’t worry about the CRI rating. I used to obsess over that and made many purchases base on CRI rating. However, unless I am trying to differentiate between multiple and...
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    I'm searching for a bright zoomie light with an excellent lamp option that's defused

    The only thing that comes to mind is the Nitecore LR12. 18650’s, built-in diffuser that works great, good battery life, and a reasonable amount of throw. However, it is not a zoomie and while the 18650 batteries are all rechargeable, you can’t recharge them while in the LR12.
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    4Sevens Mini Turbo MKIII

    I have both the MKII and the MKIII Turbos. While I can’t detect a significant performance difference in outside use, the MKIII wins for edc because of U/I. To get L-M-H with the MKII, you have to select a configuration with strobe, SOS and I don’t want to twist through five modes when all I...