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  1. ChrisGarrett


    Seems to be like any other cheap light? 51 Euros is not a cheap light price. Chris
  2. ChrisGarrett

    Best AA edc flashlight?

    I’ve only got 5 AAs: an ICON Rogue 1, two Xeno E03s—one 3 mode and one 6 mode, a Zebralight SC52 and an L10 from Illumination, I think. All have differing U.I.s, but all work for me. Chris
  3. ChrisGarrett

    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    Fenix P1D. Still have it, still works. Got it 2007ish. Chris
  4. ChrisGarrett

    Sunwayman M11R problem

    I’ve had a Mr. Elfin M11R going on 9 years and it’s been flawless. My only gripe with it, coming from a V10R and then a V11R, is that it doesn’t get any brighter with a 16340 vs. a CR123A. Chris
  5. ChrisGarrett

    Lights with a metal tail switch

    Convoy S2+ with 18350 body fits the bill. Chris
  6. ChrisGarrett

    convoy choice

    Yes, you can do that if you a modder, but OP didn’t mention that. You can also get their M1/M2 lights with bigger reflectors and which aren’t so much larger as to be EDC prohibitive. Member VEN built Poppy and I a now defunct UK 3Tronics S2+ Triple with LD2 6A driver and Cree XP-L LEDs that 5...
  7. ChrisGarrett

    convoy choice

    6500K will be subjectively brighter, all other things being equal. 5000K will be subjectively more pleasant. The Convoy S2+ shouldn’t be mistaken for a flood light, since it’s got such a small reflector. Chris
  8. ChrisGarrett

    well my fav lights are not even lights i like anymore

    I’ve got a cyan V1 and the gold V2 and both look nice with minimal usage. I love them both, but sold off my D1 and D1S, which I never carried. Such is the nature of this hobby! Chris
  9. ChrisGarrett

    65mm battery in PD35 V3.0?

    Yeah, there’s something amiss here. I know of no “protected” 18650s that are only 65mm in length, especially if they have button tops. I’ve got a 2012 PD32 and it works fine with naked 18650s, as well as two 16340s. Chris
  10. ChrisGarrett

    Brand new 18650 batteries with only a 2.45v charge

    The Japanese test down to 2.50v and the ‘good’ Koreans test down to 2.75v, but who knows what the ChiComs test down to? Chris
  11. ChrisGarrett

    What is your favorite 26650 flashlight?

    They were my DQG Tiny Triples, but I smoked both of them. Chris
  12. ChrisGarrett

    Odd Olight charger question

    We never want to trickle lithium ion cells. Ever. Olight knows this. Some charger algorithms charge below 4.20v, some go over. Trickle charging is more an NiMH issue. Chris
  13. ChrisGarrett

    any olight fans?

    I’ve got 5: i3s, S-Mini rainbow, Baldr IR weapon light, UV i3 and their i5T Cu. I won’t buy lights that utilize proprietary cells. Chris
  14. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    There are no 7v drivers, but there are 3.0v, 4.2v, 6.0v and 9.0v drivers (among some others.) Remember, in series (end to end,) we compound voltage and not capacity, but we compound capacity when we run them in parallel—that is to say all positives are connected together, as well as connecting...
  15. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    Yeah, most, if not all of the li-ions that we use in FL/HLs are of the 3.6v/3.7v variety, which charge up to 4.2v. In a light with a 6.0v driver, we’re safe with a single li-ion such as an 18650/16650, or two CR123A primaries in series. Where we run into trouble, is in running two 18350s in...
  16. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    Remember, there are differences between CR123As, RCR123s and 16340s/18350s. 3.0v vs. 3.2v vs. 3.6v/3.7v. Chris
  17. ChrisGarrett

    how many of you play with your lights still?

    Somewhere in the San Fernando Valley? We have a 'ditch' in our backyard, in Tarzana, that would become a raging torrent and swept a neighbor lady down about 12 houses, before she was rescued. Eventually an 8' runoff pipe went in down the middle of the street and things improved. This was back...
  18. ChrisGarrett

    how many of you play with your lights still?

    I carry one everyday, but I’m not really fiddling with them too much. While I have a few dozen ‘decent’ lights, they’re now more a tool for me. Chris
  19. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    Could it be that you're using cells that aggregate to a higher voltage than a single 18650, which is 4.2v hot off the charger? Two CR123As would be about 6.5v out of their pack, so that's higher. Two 18350s would be 8.4v hot off the charger. Although the light is designed to use two CR123As...
  20. ChrisGarrett

    I want a dual channel 18650 charger...

    2010 called and it wants its chargers back. The Pila was once ‘the king of the hill,’ but things have changed. It’s funny that you would single out those two? Chris