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  1. Lurveleven

    About CD intensity, Beam distance, and blinding

    When biking in traffic, you should use a light designed for bike use, like Fenix BT20, so you don't blind others. The BT20 cuts off the upward part of the beam. When biking offroad it is probably better to use an ordinary type of beam that let you see branches above your head.
  2. Lurveleven

    Obsolescence in flashlights

    For outdoor use the lights tend to be obsolete before they get in the door, I always want more light outdoors. At home I want less light, so my old lights still work as well as they did the day I got them, and I have no craving to replace them, so the SF L1 Lux-III and E1L single mode Cree I got...
  3. Lurveleven

    Who has the lowest number of flashlights?

    I guess our UK members "win", the have no flashlights, only torches.
  4. Lurveleven

    Just curious if your Surefire HA is turning purple???

    The Fenix P3D I gave my father in law was laying in the window so so it got exposed to sun, and parts of it has turned brown (head not affected, only the body).
  5. Lurveleven

    How good can flashlights get?

    If you need 100 lumens to light up an area with 10 lux at 15 m distance, then you need 1600 lumens to get 10 lux at 60 m distance with the same beam profile and 6400 lumens at 120 m distance. So I don't see an end to how many lumens one need.
  6. Lurveleven

    How good can flashlights get?

    There are a theoretical limit on how bright LEDs can be, but when running at high power, we are still pretty far from this limit. Just look at Cree XM-L2, run at 10W and 85°C it has only 105 lm/W. Maybe some day we will see 300 lm/W at this power level, or at even higher power levels. Another...
  7. Lurveleven

    Surefire 2013 Flashlight 'Brochure' is Out

    New SureFire brochure - 2013 new products I found this on the SureFire server, not linked on the web page yet. To me it looks like the illumination tools brochure has changed to only contain what is already available or you probably will get soon, while this new "New products" brochure...
  8. Lurveleven

    Surefire 2013 Flashlight 'Brochure' is Out

    No, I could not see them on the main site either, but you can find them here: To me it looks like that they are taking another direction this year, and just include lights that are coming in 2013 or have already been released. No more a long...
  9. Lurveleven

    SureFire 2013 New Products video - all-new announcements

    It is still in a prototyping stage, so what it will end up as (or if it will materialize at all) is not certain. But I find the choice of using green LEDs very strange (it could also run at pure with light at a lower output since 2 og the 8 LED dies were white). You probably will get a higher...
  10. Lurveleven

    What are you buying this Black Friday Sale?

    I see that BatteryJunction have extended their sale, so you can still get Surefires (and all their other lights) at 11% off.
  11. Lurveleven

    What are you buying this Black Friday Sale?

    BatteryJunction had CyberMonday sale, so got me a Surefire UB3T for $342.
  12. Lurveleven


    My wishlist: 1. 2 cell version of L1 with low like E2L and high with 1.5 hour runtime (would probably be 150 SF lumens). 2. Shorter L2 (!!) with 3 x Rebels with McR-10R or similar reflectors, similar to what McGizmo did here. Runtime on low 10 hours, on high 1.5 hour. 3. L4 with 3 x Rebels with...
  13. Lurveleven

    Mag mod range

    More than 250 meters for my Mag85 with 3.5" Turbo head. Sigbjoern
  14. Lurveleven

    My fellow CPFers'. Are we getting silly when it comes to flashlight size?

    For jeans pockets even CR2 lights are too big for me (i.e. too thick), so now I have a Draco on my keychain and another Draco with turbo and extender in my coin pocket. When wearing a jacket or cargo pants I can carry with me larger lights, i.e. SF L1/L2/L4/E2L, Strion or 27LT-S. For me the...
  15. Lurveleven

    2006 Flashlight of the Year: your nominations?

    This is more like assembly of a best seller list than a best flashlight contest :sigh: I'm quite sure Fenix P1D CE will win, simply because it probably is the most sold light recently. Sigbjoern
  16. Lurveleven

    Tail stand fascination

    I use tail standing much more than I thought I would, I think this is an essential feature for lights intended to be used indoors. Some tail standing lights are much more difficult to activate while others, e.g. SL Strion, is still very easy to activate. Sigbjoern
  17. Lurveleven

    Poor Swiss and flashlights

    In Norway you have to pay $550 for an U2 :shakehead ($440 without tax). Anyone higher? Sigbjoern
  18. Lurveleven

    Help! my E2L's clickie jam

    I had the same problem (and have not received any replacement yet), so I took a heat gun and heated it up, then I used an internal bent circle clipper (which I bought for this purpose) to turn off the retaining ring (the circle clipper was perfect for this). Then I lubed the two plasic parts...
  19. Lurveleven

    anybody got a BCS Powerstik 8AA, I have questions

    Yes I have, but I don't know where it is right now (can only find the box). It is probably having a party with the lost M2 reflectors :D Sigbjoern