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  1. Phaserburn

    what was your first led light

    Arc AAA premium (a couple of lumens more from its 5mm led) Opalec dropin for mini mag. 3 x 5mm leds, but! Flat regulated runtime for 10 hours on 2 alk AAs! And! A 3mm red led to tell you when it was no longer in that regulation period. I think it was 12 lumens, something like that...
  2. Phaserburn

    Streamlight Polytac X: Now with pics for Modernflame and Chauncey Gardiner

    Re: Streamlight Polytac X I got this light in safety yellow with the usb 18650. I agree that Streamlight did a nice job on this. It feels super solid. Lots of good design features. The tint on mine is more towards the neutral side and the beam is smooth. Makes an ideal glovebox light; 123s in...
  3. Phaserburn

    Fenix E16 - A Short Review...

    Nice pics and review! I would also give a point to the E16 for being smaller.
  4. Phaserburn

    The,what light did you get for Christmas thread.

    I received a Streamlight usb Microstream and a Mag ml150r.
  5. Phaserburn

    Streamlight Polytac for Xmas

    The polytac makes a good glove box light; plastic for holding in winter with bare hands, lithium primaries for fuel.
  6. Phaserburn

    What is the consensus here regarding Streamlight in general and the Protac 2L-X in

    Great post, mono. I like Streamlight a lot. Selected models, but that’s the way I am with all manufacturers. I never like every light in the catalog. Streamlight makes good, reasonably straightforward, tool-level tough lights. If I was talking to a working professional who was looking for a...
  7. Phaserburn

    Maglite ML150LR Closer To Release

    Has anyone purchased this light recently? I'm still quite curious about the runtime chart myself. Mag has made a note that it has heavily heat sinked this light vs previous lights. My curiosity is high as I've always had a soft spot for the traditional old school Magcharger. The MC60 was the...
  8. Phaserburn

    Why are most lights BLACK!!

    They do? How so?
  9. Phaserburn

    Sunwayman P25C, Streamlight Polytac, Jetbeam, OTHER for Arson Machine Co. 1" Ring ?

    Re: Sunwayman P25C, Streamlight Polytac, Jetbeam, OTHER for Arson Machine Co. 1" Ring Inova T1
  10. Phaserburn

    Review: Convoy S2+ (the red one!) – Fantastic 18650 EDC

    That's cool. Was it hard to do? Is the light on all the time?
  11. Phaserburn

    Defiant Flashlights

    I agree. For my dollar, Mag is the best alkaline batteries design in retail.
  12. Phaserburn

    Streamlight new Protac HL4 and Super Siege

    I think SL is thinking the Super Siege is meant more for situation lighting where you know you'll want a solid, easily portable area light vs. emergency response for power outtages. Lighting up a scene as a first responder, etc. Recharging between actions makes it powerful tool for...
  13. Phaserburn

    Streamlight new Protac HL4 and Super Siege

    Streamlight is coming out with two new lights I find interesting. The Protac HL4 is a 2x18650 or 4x123 2200 lumen flashlight. The Super Siege is a beefed up 1100 lumen rechargeable 8800mah li ion lantern with usb charging for cell phones, glare guard, and waterproof compartment. See them on...
  14. Phaserburn

    Defunct brands

    Wolf Eyes
  15. Phaserburn

    Defunct brands

    Eternalight. Opalec. Pila. Is Tigerlight still around? Anyone remember Everled?
  16. Phaserburn

    New Maglite 3rd Generation 2D/3D - 524 + 625 lumens stock!

    If D nimh were used instead of the eneloops, what would the output curve look like I'm wondering? Would runtime at full brightness be longer, or does the circuit step down output over time regardless of battery condition? Thing is, I think 2xAA nimh will behave similarly to 2D alks under heavy...
  17. Phaserburn

    Warm White LED flash light?

    If you are trying to get the clearest most accurate vision possible with a flashlight, for painting, etc, consider also adding diffusion film to the lens. A hotspot up close can distort perception of color drastically; natural light doesn't have a hotspot. The hotspot also tends to be of a...
  18. Phaserburn

    *NEW* Fenix CL25R camping light,micro-usb rechargeable, max 350 lumens

    Ordered one. How many leds are in this bad boy?
  19. Phaserburn

    New Maglite 3rd Generation 2D/3D - 524 + 625 lumens stock!

    Just saw that Brightguy shows the ML300LX 2D at 143 lumens vs the 130 of the 3D. Interesting.
  20. Phaserburn

    New Maglite 3rd Generation 2D/3D - 524 + 625 lumens stock!

    I get that. But isn't 625 x .22 = 138 lumens (3D) vs. 524 x .34 = 178 lumens? That is how I'm reading your great runtime charts. It seems that the 2D is brighter on low, albeit with far less runtime?