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  1. Barbarian

    The "One Light" challenge

    I basically already did this challenge, but certainly a great thread idea Greg. I went with my HDS Clicky modded by Vinh (4000k XPG2) because it meets almost everything I want in a flashlight. As close to perfect of a light for me. My Checklist Warm Tint Clean Beam Great Build Quality Mode...
  2. Barbarian

    New Round of Beach Beam Shots including the New Oveready E2E Triple XPG2!

    I did enjoy. I always love your beamshots Danny. Thanks for taking the time to post them. You know I'm a warmer tint kind of guy so I really like what I see from the Alpha Blue Label and I'm shocked that the NovaTac is unmodded. That is either the warmest tint I have ever seen from a stock...
  3. Barbarian

    Show your High CRI Lights

    Here are most of mine. I have a handful of others kicking around that did not make the photo. Top Row: Mac's Customs Patterned Ti Tri-EDC Moddoolar Natural TL34 Pocket 2nd Row: Mac's Customs Ti Tri-EDC McGizmo Mule 3rd Row: HDS Systems EDC Surefire 6P-GM with Kerberos XP-G Quad Drop-in...
  4. Barbarian

    Zebralight Torture Test

    I had a feeling it was me. :devil: Thanks again! Harry999, Go for a baker's dozen big boy.
  5. Barbarian

    Zebralight Torture Test

    Dan, Thanks for taking the time from your weekend for such a thorough and entertaining torture test (thread). Lots of laughs to go with the knowledge that ZebraLight makes some incredibly durable flashlights. You convinced me :) The three most important traits of a flashlighlight to me are...
  6. Barbarian

    How many flashlights do you own?

    I own about 60. I would like to get it down to about 30, but there is no way in hell that is going to happen. Check my signature for the list.
  7. Barbarian

    Oveready Run Time and Heat Test

    As always Dan, your review is outstanding and informative. lovecpf The minimal drop of output and the long run time makes that Triple XP-G very impressive to say the least.
  8. Barbarian

    Delghi IRIS mini-review & POST YOUR IRIS PICS!

    Yeah Steve, the neutral tint on my Ti Iris is tremendous. That blue Iris was calling my name when I first laid eyes on it last Christmas morning. Davide's pics are so much better than mine.
  9. Barbarian

    Delghi IRIS mini-review & POST YOUR IRIS PICS!

    ^ Go for it Captain. Tis the season for black and orange. Halloween is only a month away. :naughty:
  10. Barbarian

    Custom Light Smackdown Part 2 - PHOTO HEAVY!

    Thanks again Dan for all of these great comparison shots so that we can get an idea of what to expect out of these lights if we purchase them.
  11. Barbarian

    Fiance left but it resulted in my FIRST TWO CUSTOMS!

    Re: Fiance left but it resulted in my FIRST CUSTOM! Your welcome. The orange will sell out soon, but the black is also available.
  12. Barbarian

    Fiance left but it resulted in my FIRST TWO CUSTOMS!

    Re: Fiance left but it resulted in my FIRST CUSTOM! ^
  13. Barbarian

    Volere's serial number registry

    #028 Neutral white
  14. Barbarian

    As Promised RA Clicky Beamshots High Cri and 170T

    Thanks for the great comparison photos. Yes, the high CRI is awsome!
  15. Barbarian

    I may cry...

    Go back to the place tonight and search the parking lot. Call them first thing tomorrow and offer a reward for the return of the light.
  16. Barbarian

    Malkoff M61W

    I received mine today and I am very impressed. Even though I have my M60W at work and can't compare throw, I can tell you from memory that the new M61W has a lot smoother beam. I did compare the tint with my M30WF and M60W MC-E and the M61W is definitely more neutral than the other two...
  17. Barbarian

    Spy, McGizmo and Milkyspit Beam Shots!!

    Great comparison shots Dan. We get to see the difference between the XP-G (more flood) and the XR-E (more throw) Haiku's. That 170CN shows its throwing power, while your E2DL is tremendous. I have noticed that light in your other beam shots as well. The M1X laughs at the lack of distance...
  18. Barbarian

    Malkoff M61W

    I bought this version, but I really want a M31W. EDIT: Just bought two M31W's
  19. Barbarian

    Malkoff M61W

    Thanks for the heads up brother. I just ordered one.