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    suggestions for me in order not to have a regret life in the future

    Invest 20% of every single penny you make, from the very first penny you make, ever. The sooner you start the better, compound interest can be the difference between retiring when you're 40 or 70.........or never. Note: I use the word "invest" instead of "save" intentionally. Putting that money...
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    I'm "selfish" because I don't want to have kids.

    Neat thread revival. 34 now, still no kids, both my wife and I have taken permanent steps to keep that from happening. Nobody has butted into our lives to tell us we should have kids in many many years. We ARE selfish. Kids are a pain. Some people think they're worth it, we don't. No regrets...
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    What would get you excited about flashlights again?

    I would buy that USB headlamp if it was waterproof and the cord was long enough to run to my pocket or belt. Count me in!
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    What would get you excited about flashlights again?

    A serious increase in efficiency would get my interest going again. I would get excited about a light that puts out 40 lumens for a week straight out of a 1xAA light. Not 14500, a AA that I can find at any store in the country. Lights are tools for me, my passion lies with things that burn...
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    Non-traditional wishes for the New Year

    I'm doing well on the resolutions. I acquired and tested an induction hot plate. Wife still doesn't like to cook. Got my wok technique down. Fast, easy, delicious. I started volunteering at a local high school, it's great for me and the kids. How is everyone else doing?
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    Non-traditional wishes for the New Year

    I wish to acquire and test a good induction hotplate this year. I love our gas stove, I do most of the cooking and the gas stove will be staying. Mrs. Bomber wants a better cooking experience and does not like gas stoves, not ours not any of them. Induction is the next runner up. I wish to...
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    Does a manufactures command of the English language influence your opinion of them?

    Spelling and grammar matters to me, and would probably be a deal breaker with any product I was choosing to purchase. If a company is marketing a product to an English language market, their packaging and instructions dang well better be in decent English. Packaging is often the first...
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    Float Tanks

    I would LOVE to try that. With my wife. :naughty:
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    Man, I'm Glad I Got That

    Sorry folks, that previous post WAS separated point by point. CPF took away all my paragraphs and won't let me edit my post. Go figure.
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    Man, I'm Glad I Got That

    Headlamps! My EDC is now a Zebralight and I keep the headband nearby. If you're doing anything at all more than just walking around in a dark place, a headlamp is incredibly more useful than a handheld light. Rechargeable batteries and smart charger. Changed the entire way I used and thought...
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    What would you do to prepare for a potential disaster you saw coming?

    If/when city water gets shut off, compromised, or contaminated, don't forget to shut off the supply leading into the house. You could wind up with a water heater full of contaminated water.
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    Every been to a Drive-In movie?

    Love them. Wife and I go a few times a year. Take one of our old trucks with the bench seat and pretend we're teens again. For those in the area, the Motor Vu in Dallas, Oregon is a blast.
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    What would you do to prepare for a potential disaster you saw coming?

    Thoughts/ideas off the top of my head: Humans can go a month without food, we're SCREWED in short order without water. Your water heater is a decent supply, the 55 gallon drums mentioned are a good one as well. Locate and start using a Katadyne or similar water filter, for making questionable...
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    3rd time being hit by object tossed from car!

    Don't walk or ride on roads. :)
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    Any other compulsive battery aligners here?

    Not I. It doesn't make a difference so I don't care. That said, if it brings you enjoyment and doesn't hurt anyone else, then by all means enjoy it.
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    any septic tank experts?

    I agree. The universal problem solver. Good for un-sticking stuck bolts, quieting squeaky door hinges, removing fences, rocks and other barriers in inconvenient places, relocating houses, and general automotive repair. Will also cure baldness and ED. :)
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    any septic tank experts?

    Good to hear. Being in the PNW, I have zero experience with fire ants, but dang, I would have thought gasoline would get rid of them! My first thought would be to find a poison they will take back to the nest and feed to everyone. Second thought would be a large quantity of something...
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    I have to admit, I have purchased a lot more Starbucks to show my support for the way they've handled a few politically sensitive subjects. I emailed them and let them know I've done so, and why.
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    "foof" Add-on slows loading of Firefox browsers.

    Thank you! I was unaware of Adblock, and I like it. I already ran Noscript, which on most sites blocks most advertising; it's nice that sites I allow to place scripts(like CPF) now have advertising blocked.