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  1. fuyume

    Knives vs Flashlights

    I can take a 200 year old carbon steel knife, and it will perform more than adequately. Try that with a 200 year old flashlight! 😂
  2. fuyume

    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    No one is hassling anyone. Why a locking blade? Because a locking blade offers substantially more safety over a slip joint, obviously. Why 154CM over 1095? Well, for one, 154CM is stainless and 1095 is not. That’s a very important difference, obviously. Why a thumbstud and not a nail nick...
  3. fuyume

    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    I’ve personally never really understood why anyone would feel the need for a switchblade, and assisted opener, or even a flipper. Both of my 20+ year old Gerber AirFrames have none of these things, yet still open easily with a flick of my wrist.
  4. fuyume

    How do you keep your kitchen knife sharp?

    IMO, the important part of sharpening is not so much what abrasive you use, but the consistency of the angle at which you use it. And for kitchen purposes, it's not really necessary to use the absolutely finest grade of abrasive. The microserrations produced by less fine grades of abrasive are...
  5. fuyume

    What do you think the best folding knife

    I suppose exotic steels have their charms, but a knife is only as good as it is sharp, so for knives that are actual backcountry users, I tend to prefer cheap tough stainless like 420HC, because it's easy to sharpen using field-expedient methods. Many/most of the modern powder metallurgy wonder...
  6. fuyume

    What do you think the best folding knife

    What I carry is a vintage Gerber Harsey AirFrame. Actually I have two of them. I have a First Production Run (with the titanium scales) that is my EDC, and a later limited edition (with the aluminium scales) that I carry only on special occasions (formal events), because it’s substantially...