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    Oddest comment from a sane person about your lights? Part 2

    I'm really thinking that if these people were sane they wouldn't be making odd comments. :) (TIC of course.) :buddies:
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    flashlights used in conjunction with handguns

    My wife's Beretta PX4 subcompact has a rail. :buddies:
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    flashlights used in conjunction with handguns

    1. Which lights do you use? (and what's your backup?) Streamlight Propoly 4AA Luxeon, backed up by a mere Inova X1 and a Fauxton. 2. What would be the most important factors determining your choice of light? (size, brightness, easy of grip/manipulation...) I use my light for work a dozen...
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    3aa to 1D??

    Multiple parallel AA to D adapters also allow the use of lithium AA batteries in a D cell light. This may or may not be advantageous, depending on your individual circumstances. :buddies:
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    Longest time you've used your light

    My SL PP Lux AA and LED modded Mags have gone 12+ hours several times while working. :buddies:
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    Describe your custom dream light

    Since we're dreaming, for me it would be: 1. Led, emitter should be replaceable/upgradeable without buying an entire new light. 2. ~60 lumens after the LED has come up to full operating temp and output has degraded. 3. Decent mix of throw and spill, but not adjustable focus. Different...
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    lights I actually use...

    In order of use: 1. SL PP Lux AA - EDC 2. Led modded 3D Mag - Worklight 3. MagCharger - Bright worklight; ready-to-shoot-whatever-bumped-in-the-night light 4. Inova X1 - EDC A Surefure G2/P61 would normally make this list, but I haven't used a G2 since I bought the MagCharger. Brighter and...
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    How many lights do you have "ready for use?"

    Lithiums are your friend! I only feed alkies to three lights. Other than those three, I have 2 that get nicads, 7 that get nimh, and all the rest get lithium. The rechargeables are all work lights and get used PLENTY often enough to keep them maintained without any special attention. There's no...
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    How many lights do you have "ready for use?"

    Within reach 4, and 3 of those are my EDC's. In total, somewhere over 40. Never thought about it this way, seems rather ridiculous now. :buddies:
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    Alibi required !!!!

    Don't let her see the bill. When she asks to see it, ask how much she's spent on shoes/clothes/jewelry/etc. Nuff said. :) :buddies:
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    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    I'd be extremely surprised if anyone who reads this forum will have only ONE light available. :buddies:
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    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    8+ hours later and the MC is still drawing over 220mah. That makes more sense. :) I still disagree, though. I think the added draw of a constant-on charger would cause more problems by leaving a person with a dead vehicle battery more often than would otherwise happen. Again, this goes back to...
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    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    Interesting thread. I just hooked a MagCharger charging cradle up to a DMM here in the house, measuring current going out of the wall wart and into the charging cradle. It was drawing 320mah when I left the garage. I'll check back in a couple hours or in the morning and see what it's reading...
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    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    Have you measured this? How much current is drawn on trickle charge? I suppose something else that needs to be quantified is how long "a long time" is for a vehicle to sit. For some people this will be over the weekend, for others it will be months at a time. :buddies:
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    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    How in the world is a flashlight going to drain your car battery if it's only being charged when the ignition is on, aka engine is running? Edit: Just went and measured the amperage drawn by one of my MagChargers. 220mah @ 12.8 volts. There is NO WAY I would wire this up to anything but an...
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    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    +1 No matter what light you choose, I would wire it so it's only charging when the ignition is on. :buddies:
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    Glass or Plastic lenses: Which is better?

    My brief experience: All my lights had plastic lenses until recently, when I bought two MagChargers. I have used plastic lens equipped Mags in rough service for years and have not had a single failure. During absolutely normal usage I managed to break the glass lens in one of my MagChargers...
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    Reason #1,427,954 to Lanyard Your Lights!

    Whoa! No kids here, thanks! :nana: (bold mine)
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    Reason #1,427,954 to Lanyard Your Lights!

    It was the sterile after-use product. Had it been the un-sterile one I would have flushed and let it go. I'd be buying another X1 and holding a funeral for the old one. :mecry:The X1 DID have a lanyard attached(Which I replaced.), I just wasn't using it. The light received a thorough scrubbing...