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  1. lightlover

    Linkbait, stolen images, false claims

    harro, my dear fello, Can you really convert a guy? (Gal) to appreciate lights? Let me know ...
  2. lightlover

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    bykfixers posts - so good, you read them twice ...
  3. lightlover

    What jobs do people do that they need to EDC flashlights?

    Umm - anything he likes? Remember, he is a (THE) Maker_Of_Lights, so he just produces another pk Prototype ...
  4. lightlover

    The 250+ Lumen Challenge

    True, true ....
  5. lightlover

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Re: Knife & Light pics. Yeah - Str8stroke means it! (Him Big Guy)
  6. lightlover

    Flashlight Selfies - around the world :)

    Nycto, are these evening bike rides for fun / exercise, or simply going about your everyday tasks? Because you sure do get around Ol' London Town!
  7. lightlover

    Flashlight Selfies - around the world :)

    Don't listen to him! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Oh My! Lee probably isn't feeling very well ATM - It's the only explanation ...) PS - In real life, I've met him, and Mr. Nyctophiliac is one of the most deepest Enthusiasts of Lights...
  8. lightlover

    Sometimes I just...

    Photos or it ain't true ... (You've posted "Photos or it's not true ..." so often, ven - I couldn't resist catching this one!)
  9. lightlover

    "Dry" 6P button?

    Is this link of any use to you? I tried this on a no-name rubber-coated light and - it worked!
  10. lightlover

    Photos of your lights

    Hey you! I bought a light because of your recommendation! (And Mr ven is an enabler too!) very SINCERELY, Jahn
  11. lightlover

    Photos of your lights

    From over the pond too, I'd appreciate that too, Mr Crazyeddie... And ven should stop showing off his lights! Especially the one's I want!
  12. lightlover

    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    Sir ven, I've read your posts before. You'll use ANY excuse ... And blame ANYONE ... Shame on you ...
  13. lightlover

    Attacked by Owl--Using Flashlight For Defense!

    GrnXnham, That has to be the most unusual topic heading in the history of CPF! Glad you weren't hurt - those Owl talons always look fierce ...
  14. lightlover

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Re: Knife & Light pics. Str8stroke, I looked him up too .. +1 EDIT: Gene, lovely stuff, Hi There! /EDIT
  15. lightlover

    SureFire Product History Thread

    Excellent work! (Not that I know the SF lanyard kits, but others may contribute - thanks Norac!) lightlover :)
  16. lightlover


    bykfixer: short + sweet + true
  17. lightlover

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Loving Father, Proud Flashaholic! (Or it it the other way around? Probably BOTH) Regards, lightlover.
  18. lightlover

    New here, unknown animals, and request for recommendation!

    Sir bykfixer, You have proved over time that you're a knowledgeable and true enthusiast, someone who thinks before he posts. (And you have more than 1 talent). BUT, I have to ask: "ignored 95 times out of 100 [95%...]" [ ?ONLY 95% !!] J/K!!
  19. lightlover

    I finally ordered a Sure Fire!

    ericjohn, Looking Forward! Don't rush it though! So, that's me, + (the eminent) bykfixer, (plus many others) waiting to read. [CPF really needs more histories]. Pilotodude, What a classic - I'm getting all sentimental now, just looking at that early SF 6#