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    Brand new 18650 batteries with only a 2.45v charge

    In theory, you should not charge li-ion batteries that are that low in voltage, as they could not react well to the charge, and catch fire. In practice I did charge batteries that were around 3v, and resume their voltage to 3.7v for storage. If those batteries do hold the charge, you can keep...
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    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    I got this quick flashing issue on my SRT3. I guess it's warning indicating either "over voltage" or "under voltage".
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    any olight fans?

    I do own a few of their lights All of them are pre 2016, so they're all using standard cr123/16340/18650. No complaints on my side regrding the proprietary batteris. Some of them do show a greenish tint, but some others display a more neutral one. In any case,you don't purchase Olight lights for...
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    ok i finnaly have a flashlight brand im loyal to

    I don't have a preference for a specific brand. I own some Maglight, Fenix, Olight, Nitecore,,Eagletac, HDS ,Surefire, Zebralight, Jetbeam, Sunwayman, etc... I completely stoped buying HDS, because of their steep price increase. I also do not buy lights with proprietary batteries or chargers...
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    Using UnProtected Cells in a High Drain Flashlight

    On a single cell flashlight with: - a protection circuit, you can run you unprotected cells without worrying too much - no protection circuit, you'll have to remove your batteries, to check the voltage As for multi cells flashlights : don't put unprotected cells in there!!
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    What's your favorite or most used brand?

    Most used lights would be Zebralight, Maglite, Fenix, and a cheap Energizer. Favourite brands : HDS, Maglite, Fenix, Olight, Zebralight...
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    Cheap ebay solar LED lights with li-ion 18650 batteries.

    - would it work just the same? Most lights running 18650 li-ion, have a circuitry that checks the battery voltage. They will automatically shut off (around 3.2v-3.3v) to prevent cell damage. No way to know if the 18650 LifePo will work in the ebay lights. If they do a voltage check, they...
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    is zebralight sc5w ii the best aa light?

    Same as the OP. One of the best AA light on the market. 1) Excellent runtimes 2) Good lument output > 500 lumens 3) Runs on primary or rechargeable AA 4) Small package
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    best non rechargable battery for aa zebralight

    Energizer alk are ok. Duracell alk tend to leak a lot. Some even swelled and got stuck in the maglite :/ Some noname brands are ok too, as long as you run them in a 1xAA configuration
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    Rotary Cr123/AA flashlight?

    HDS does sell a rotary with a CR123 tube by default (around 300$ for the EDC version). For the AA, you'll have to purchase the 2xAA tube separately. Otherwise, try looking for the following lights (don't know if they're still available) : - Sunwayman V10R / V11R / M11R + 1 AA extension (sold...
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    Your view of lights with non-replaceable, built-in batteries

    I gues the main audience for these lights is not the hardcore led lights fans. They're more targeted at the casual users, or even people looking for simplicity. Lots of lumens, no hassle with batteries or chargers. Use it like a normal light, and charge it like a smartphone. If you seldom use...
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    The Mini Maglite 2xAA Pro and Pro+ versions are also a good alternative : Led, 200+ or 300+ lumens, decent runtimes with rechargeable AAs.
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    What's your most trusted light?

    No trusted light. But if by "trusted" you mean toughest, then I would say the HDS clicky (Henry shot his own lights to show how tough they were).
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    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    That would be either my Zebralight SC51 or the SC5. On the other hand, I do also use a cheap plastic Energizer led flashlight on tasks that do not require a lof lumens.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    To stay on the topic, I'd say I would use one of the following lights : - Sunwayman M11R - Eagletac D25C - HDS Clicky or Rotary
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    HDS Rotary LED selection

    It's all a matter of tint/lumens preference. The SDR50 seems to be a limited run, so if you're looking for something special, go for it. if your favorite colour is orange, then get the SDV30. It's also a limited edition. If you like the slightly rosy tint of the Nichia and don't mind having 200...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    The last light I got was a Maglite Pro. It was just for the sake of having a Maglite with a decent amount of output :)
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    Surefire P1R Peacekeeper Modes

    Yes too bad it doesn't switch to the low mode first. I usually tap the button twice, before fully pressing the switch, to get into low mode
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    Looking for a flashlight with lowest mode

    You can get as low as 0.08 lumen with a Zebralight sc5 or sc5c
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    Best AA for Travel

    I would say the Zebralight sc5 or sc5c. Many modes from 0.08 to 400+ lumen (with nimh cell). Running on a single AA