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  1. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    I just ordered a Marathon Msar 36mm Quartz for my birthday! It will be replacing my Gshock Rangeman 9400 for daily duty. I have been wearing my 38mm Seiko SKX lately and I really have been enjoying the smaller size! Super excited about the Marathon!
  2. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS Suggestions for HDS Part Deux...

    Yes, please do a HDS angle rotary, I hate using inferior headlamps!
  3. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Please give us a rotary headlamp, I need one so bad! Wearing a caving helmet with a HDS strapped to it, just isn’t my style!
  4. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS I am about to pull the trigger on my first HDS

    Wow, I love the lens! I’m a Pentax and HDS fan as well! I only have a Pentax K-R and Fuji X100, currently though.
  5. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS Why Should I Buy an HDS?

    What a nice NB4 rotary you have there! It looks kinda familiar!😉 I picked up a 3700k XPG clicky recently. Can’t really have just one HDS!
  6. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    Whatever finish they are using, on the newer bezels, matches perfectly with the rest of the head and body. (At least in my experience) The older bezels definitely had a purple/black finish.
  7. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS Beryllium Copper Rotary Anniversary Run

    Re: Beryllium Copper Executive and Rotary Anniversary Run I would love a SW30 Aluminium rotary! Warm LED’s just work so well at night! Even my SST20 4000k rotary is too cool of a tint, for me at night.
  8. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS Illumn has Nichia NVSL219bT-V1 4000K D200 L2 R9080 leds

    Yes please! I really regret selling my 3000k 219c rotary, and want another warm tint HDS!
  9. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS New 225 Lumen high CRI HDS

    A SST-20 3000k would be super nice! I’m into warm tints more and more. They are so easy on your eyes at night.
  10. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS New 225 Lumen high CRI HDS

    My question is if these will have a greenish tint at lower levels? I have heard that it’s common on these 4000k SST-20’s. It should throw nicely though!
  11. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS Nichia 219b 9080 4000k hiCRI now available on custom page

    Any chance of a 3500k 219b in the aluminum lights?
  12. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    I absolutely love my new High Noon rotary, and I normally EDC a Mcgizmo Haiku with Nichia 119v. (nearly identical tint to SW45) So yes, I get what you are saying!
  13. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    I’ve owned a couple high noons in the past, and while it isn’t my first choice, (if i could only have one) I feel like it will balance out my lineup nicely!
  14. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    This thread is going to send me to the poor house! Last High Noon ordered! I’ll now have 3000k rotary, 4000k clicky, and 5700k Rotary.
  15. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: Team Clicky or Team Rotary?

    Only, I finally got a rotary tail that is super smooth and doesn’t feel gritty, so I would rather not trade it.
  16. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Systems Poll: Team Clicky or Team Rotary?

    So, if I want to send a HDS rotary in and have the button switched from flush to raised, what will it cost me? Mostly a rotary fan here, but I do have a clicky too, and enjoy it on occasion.
  17. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Natural HA

    Natural HA is cool, but i’m perfectly fine with my black HDS lights. In fact, I really like them black! It’s nice to see other options though.
  18. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS HDS Pocket Mate? Ode to the HDS EDC Flashlight

    The new Leatherman Free P4 is incredible! The first multi-tool I have carried in years.
  19. K2-bk-bl-rd

    HDS Please stay tuned for a public service announcement from Shorty.

    Don’t forget us who have snow in the winter! I’ve been “white ground” hunting for months.😉