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  1. carrot

    SureFire C series two-stage tail?

    Olight has done this sort of thing with the Warrior Mini 2 and Warrior 3 (previously the Warrior Mini and M2R Pro). It works very well. Fenix is also using the same kind of switch (two stage "camera shutter" switch) to some neat effect too in the PD25 v2.0 and maybe some others I'm forgetting...
  2. carrot

    Best Rechargeable for HDS Rotary

    I've had a handful of bad Fenix cells for some reason or another. Maybe it's just bad luck. Anyway, I steer clear now, although I still like the lights. I recommend the lavender Vapcell 16340, which are rated for 3A and 850mAh. It's more than enough for the HDS and the highest capacity cells...
  3. carrot

    Malkoff E2 battery compatibility

    If your protected cells can handle the amperage, then I wouldn't worry about switching to unprotected cells. The main feature for unprotected cells with this engine would be not having it shut off "by surprise" when the batteries have gone low.
  4. carrot

    Malkoff E2 battery compatibility

    It looks to me like the E2 model runs the same electronics as the M61. There is a lot of information on how they will run here: Specifically, I'm thinking the M61 425lm 16340 700mAh runtime test...
  5. carrot

    Many lights or just the best?

    Like some of the illustrious collectors here, I like to have many of the best. With things as they are on commoditized led footprints and engine threading, it’s possible to drag many less modern lights into the modern era with a mere emitter swap. Some hermetically sealed lights...
  6. carrot

    Vacation Lights!

    It’s always fun to think about what kinds of lights to bring on vacation. It can be a nice break from the usual EDC if you have a large collection! Have a great vacation Kelmo!
  7. carrot

    Lights with the 2xAA / 1x123 configuration

    Foursevens has New-Old-Stock for the 123 tube and it will work great on the Quark QK2A
  8. carrot


    Love these beamshots comparisons. I don't remember them talking about frosted spot optics in William 3-17-21. Not too great on my book study however.
  9. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    Umm... I need one of those
  10. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    Works fine on my MDC head but I did have to pull the springs a little on the tailcap and head to get a strong contact.
  11. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    Agreed- as long as there are tailcaps that are close I would be satisfied to purchase these, it's not like HA Nat ever matches anyway.
  12. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    I also discovered the E2T head works flawlessly on low and high. That now transforms the Tactician into my dream light with that good 18650 runtime and power. Kudos to Mark for keeping the lego dream alive!
  13. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    My shortest cells, which are VTC6 and 30Q flat tops, fit fine but need the springs stretched just a bit. If I didn’t have springs on both sides I would be inclined to put a very small spacer. I have an unprotected GA button top from some shop that did a clear shrink over the stock wrapper, and...
  14. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    In my photo it's all E-series, made of aluminum. E head, E tail. They're very thin. I wouldn't drive over them with a truck like I might the original E parts.
  15. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies The moment we’ve all been waiting for...
  16. carrot

    Case for 26650 for FourSevens MX-?

    You might think this is me pulling your leg but I’ve been researching a number of battery vaults and at this time my conclusion is a second flashlight is also a good storage mechanism for a spare and also produces light. An Emisar or Astrolux would do this job very well.
  17. carrot

    E-series lego musings

    Before you TL;DR, I'm starting this thread to discuss E-series legos. Please share what's been working for you! TL;DR: I did a bunch of E-series lego and got a bunch of crazy frankensteins and now I'm marveling all over again at how great the E-series system has been for us. 2020 was a strange...
  18. carrot

    Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    I would much rather have a McGizmo than a Beagle in your situation. The price is easier to swallow and they are designed to be easy to service and upgrade when the time comes. Not to poo on Enrique, of course. I handled a Beagle once and it was delightful. If the concept still interests you...
  19. carrot

    Challenge Week #1: Incandescent Only! (2021 edition)

    Count me in. Those posts by nbp about LumensFactory Xenon saw me prepared for this event. And all those guilt-free lumens, to boot.
  20. carrot

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    Sorry for the confusion Mark. I was referring to the part where you said the 0.8V driver wasn't bright enough. I have a Malkoff MDC AA and McGizmo Haiku AA and they are both capable of at least 100 lumens on high, which is a little sad considering how bright li-ion lights are, but entirely...