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  1. ypsifly

    Target lameness... less selection

    I was not happy when I noticed the selection took a nose dive. Same deal with the camping aisle. Fewer Leatherman and Victorinox products.
  2. ypsifly

    List your top 5 favorite bands/artists

    The Grateful Dead. As far as I'm concerned that's enough music for five bands.
  3. ypsifly

    Donuts, how do you avoid them?

    Yeah I remember this one. My answer was that I'm a Chef and its my job to eat this stuff so I stopped being afraid as it pays the bills. Never trust a skinny Chef.
  4. ypsifly

    Flashaholics: LIGHTS OUT March 26th, 8:30PM

    I'll fire up my Hi Gain 4D with Luxeon drop-in for some ceiling bounce while I cruise the shortwave bands on one of my Grundigs. Might dust off the passive loop and see what I can DX on AM.
  5. ypsifly

    Can you eat your flashlight ?

    WOW!!! I need to check that place out next time we go to Ann Arbor. I think I just found where my Groom's Cake is coming from!:thumbsup:
  6. ypsifly

    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My!

    Head Cheese. Two words that really shouldn't go together, but it tastes so damn good. I like the hot variety on white with cheddar. I had a good sandwich a few days ago. Smoked turkey and gouda with romaine and my own cranberry honey dijon on a fresh pretzle roll. Cranberry Honey...
  7. ypsifly

    Happy St Patricks Day

    Woke up early and loaded the crock pot with some local corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. I'll make some "Irish Stew" when I get home. Organic soda bread from a local bakery and Dubliner Cheddar are ready to go. Guinness Foreign Extra chilled and ready. My pint glass is sitting on the...
  8. ypsifly

    What kind of Vacuum do you use?

    Our house has all hardwood floors, however one of our cats has very thick coat of long and fine fur that gets all over the rugs and furniture. We bought a Bissel Pet Eraser (or something like that, I'm at work) and it does an awesome job. Being bagless is a nice touch. We love it.
  9. ypsifly

    What did you do while CPF was down?

    Hung out with Charlie Sheen and went off the deep end for a while. But I was WINNING!!!!!!! But really I played a little more xbox.
  10. ypsifly

    Today should be a cpf holiday!

    Happy birthday Thomas Edison! Born today in 1847 in Milan, Ohio.:party: I'm working right down the hall from a collection of his first light bulbs, but I don't have a camera with me. Maybe this summer I'll sneak over to his Menlo Lab for a photo shoot. I want to put some of my Surefires on...
  11. ypsifly

    The Walking Dead ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** - You've Been Warned!

    Re: The Walking Dead Looks like a great show. Awesome makeup and effects, believable characters and as expected, very well scripted. I don't watch much TV and after V let me down and The Event became tiresome and repetitive, this show has my attention. My Fiance' got creeped out in the...
  12. ypsifly

    The Walking Dead ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** - You've Been Warned!

    I'm having people over on Sunday for dinner, drinks, and passing out candy...but they've all been warned that at 10 the tube comes on and the dead will walk and the living will be quiet. Anyone else excited about The Walking Dead on AMC? The comic was very well written and it looks like the...
  13. ypsifly

    Bumblebee takes out DC Police SUV

    They filmed several scenes in Detroit and blew stuff up...not that anyone noticed...because its Detroit...where stuff blows up and burns all the time.:laughing:
  14. ypsifly

    Food & Drink Surprises...Your Stories

    Since somebody threw vermin into the mix: A lot of places in downtown Detroit have a roach problem. Not the small german ones but the BIG ones that come from the river via the sewers. This is a big problem in the old buildings like say the original ones in Greek Town. So I took over this...
  15. ypsifly

    Food & Drink Surprises...Your Stories

    You should see some of the things we find in the food before we send it to your table. Last week I opened a case of IQF (frozen) cranberries and found a yellow jacket. That bag was sent back to the distributor. Over Labor Day weekend I had a guest chip a tooth on a potato. Somehow the potato...
  16. ypsifly

    Car A/C dying

    My '04 Silverado started doing the same thing about three years ago and I was told it would cost me something like $600 to get a control unit replaced. My first truck didn't have AC so I said screw it and have gone without ever since this one stopped working.
  17. ypsifly

    Attn LEOs: Be careful tonight

    Last year I made the mistake of driving through south west Detroit at sundown on the Fourth.....Shock and Awe ghetto style.:eek::eek::eek: I had mortars exploding just above me. Some idiots were sniping cars from abandonded roof tops. Then there was the lead rain. I was at a red light when...
  18. ypsifly

    Earthquake in Ontario/Quebec

    We felt it in the Detroit area. I was sitting at my desk having lunch when I felt the building shake. My office is next to a large catering kitchen. I thought it was somebody dragging equipment across the kitchen floor or had something to do with the work that was being done on the roof. A...
  19. ypsifly

    What are you SUPPOSED to be doing right now?

    I'm at work waiting for the cooks to get their lines up and running. In about half an hour I'll go do my inventory and do my bread, stock, and produce orders, make sure everything is ok then I'll be back on CPF for a few minutes until the lunch rush. Thursdays are slow for me. Tomorrow will...
  20. ypsifly

    Online Gaming - Whats the point ? Rant

    I hear a lot of complaints about people JTAGing their boxes and creating code to wallhack and such. One of my cooks claims he stopped playing CoD online because of it. The only game I like playing online is L4D2 and maybe Borderlands.