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  1. fuyume

    "Practical" Lumens?

    It's important to note that for a true tactical flashlight, maximum output for a short duration fits the usage profile for personal protection/self-defense in many situations. You want that sudden stunning brilliance that you may not necessarily need or even want for more than 30 seconds. For a...
  2. fuyume

    Most carried light, only 1.

    My EDC is a NiteCore EC11 with a Fenix 16340 battery (see .sig)
  3. fuyume

    Fenix E12 V2

    One of the best little 1xAA EDC lights. I've actually replaced mine for EDC with a NiteCore EC11, because I decided I wanted that red secondary LED, so the E12 v2.0 is now my go-to light for my camping kit, paired with a Fenix HM23 1xAA headlamp.
  4. fuyume

    What are your experiences with the Fenix and Olight brands?

    I‘m not aware of any Fenix AA or AAA lights that don’t work with lithium primary cells. Both of mine (2021 E12 v2.0 and HM23) are just fine with them.
  5. fuyume

    Maximizing on-body lighting capability in a simple system.

    I would suggest that the vast majority of attempts to get a tactical light to do the job of a utility light, and vice versa, are bad ideas poorly executed. If you really think you need to carry a true tactical, life critical, personal protection light, then buy a purpose-built tactical light...
  6. fuyume

    What lumen output do you use the most?

    By far, the most used setting on my EDC flashlight is whatever the lowest mode is, usually somewhere between 1-7 lumens. For my Fenix PD36 TAC, the 150 lumen mode is what I use most, because I use it mostly as my bicycle headlamp, but I will use the 350 lumen mode when going downhill and...
  7. fuyume

    Would You Lend Anyone Your Flashlight ?.

    I will hand someone my good flashlights and allow them to use it in my presence, but I would not loan them out, because I don't have multiples such that I can afford the loss of one. If a friend has enough money to replace an $80-100 flashlight they borrow from me, then they can afford to buy...
  8. fuyume

    Best Overall Reflector, Beam-Pattern

    Best...for what?
  9. fuyume

    Black Friday 2021: what light(s) did you purchase?

    Earlier this evening, I ordered a Nitecore EC11. Now I just need to decide what battery to put in it, and order that.
  10. fuyume

    Tech leap 2021-banner year or was it?

    My personal feeling is that the extremely minimal size difference between 18650 and 21700 is more than made up for by the greatly superior capacity of the 21700. I can’t imagine anyone thinking a 21700 flashlight is too big compared to an 18650 flashlight, but there are plenty of use cases where...
  11. fuyume

    Alternatives to both Fenix TK16 v2.0 & Streamlight Protac HL 5-X?

    I don’t think the Nitecore iX floodlights can really be directly compared to regular flashlights, but they are very impressive for what they are. That being said, you might want to consider waiting a bit for the (supposedly) upcoming Fenix TK28 TAC, which is essentially the PD36 TAC with a...
  12. fuyume

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    My EDC. The knives have been a constant for over 15 years, the light is new this year. Vintage Gerber (USA) Harsey AirFrame FPR fine edge, 3.875" 154CM/titanium scales; Fenix E12 v2.0; Victorinox Rambler.
  13. fuyume

    Black Friday 2021: what light(s) did you purchase?

    I haven’t bought anything yet, but I am shopping. Fenix just started their 20% off everything sale. I’m considering a Nitecore 21700i lantern/charger/powerbank kit. And just now, I was looking at the Nitecore MT10c and EC11, and was very disappointed to find out the EC11 is discontinued. The...
  14. fuyume

    Fenix PD36R charging

    5 VDC * 3 A equals 15 Watts. That is the maximum rate at which the built-in charger will charge. That being said, the ARB-L21-5000 battery can be charged separately at a maximum of 5 A, but Fenix recommends charging it at 1 A. The original iPhone charger, and most chargers of its era are 1 A/5 W...
  15. fuyume

    Your favorite / best / coolest / nicest flashlight of 2021?

    This reminds me, I was going to dig into my boxes of plumbing fittings to see if I could fashion a hood for my PD36 TAC to mimic what the Nitecore bike light does. Comparing the specs of the Fenix to the Nitecore, I think the Fenix is a better light for my needs, but that reflector/shade hood on...
  16. fuyume

    The Mode Memory Management Problem

    It depends on the application. With my PD36 TAC, they way I use it primarily as a bicycle headlamp, it‘s not an issue that it retains the memory, because in that usage, I’m not likely to be troubled by having to briefly cycle through the modes. But ideally, a purpose-built bicycle headlamp...
  17. fuyume

    Best loaner/gift lights under $15

    I can’t think of a light good enough for me to give as a gift to someone for $15. My Fenix E12 v2.0 is about the minimum I would consider acceptable to give as a gift, and I obviously endorse it as it is my EDC flashlight. Regular price is $26.95, but I bought mine with a 20% discount coupon...
  18. fuyume

    What makes a light "EDC"?

    I have a couple of sets of these Martha Stewart zipper pouches that Staples used to sell. I got them on clearance for about $3/set. The smaller one, which is about 3.5” x 5.5” (if my memory is correct), and serves as my EDC survival kit pouch. If it fits inside that pouch, it’s ”EDC”. :D
  19. fuyume

    Green LED

    Yes they would, but green on maps isn't used for lines as much as it is used for indicating areas.
  20. fuyume

    Green LED

    I have a really old first or second gen CMG Infinity Task Light with a green LED. I use that when I want to read something at night and don't want to light up the whole area and be obvious.