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  1. ChrisGarrett

    Need a liw powered headlamp

    My first HL was the Fenix HL30 some six years back: 2xAAs, 200LM high and then down from there. Red LEDs as well. Chris
  2. ChrisGarrett

    USB power bank box that takes my own batteries (need not charge them)

    Just get an Xtar PBS2 for ~$15-$17 and be done with it. Bonus points if you pick up some 21700s to go with it. Chris
  3. ChrisGarrett

    Recommend me a light please

    Sorry...Emisar D4V2 with SST 20 at 4000K. Chris
  4. ChrisGarrett

    Something about 3,000 lumens -- Ledlenser MT18?

    Yeah...3000LM is so 2017. 4 out of my last 6 lights have been the D4, the D1, the D1S and a D4V2 and they’re a great bang for little bucks. Chris
  5. ChrisGarrett

    Pocketable Thrower w/ Minimal Spill?

    I can't know how much spill is too much spill, since I don't have the NiteCore light that you have, but the Emisar D1 (Mini) can be had in green, for $35 shipped with an SST-20 @ 5000K. It no doubt has some spill, but it has a tight pencil beam and it's small and inexpensive. Chris
  6. ChrisGarrett

    Need new “keychain” size 16340 / 14500 light. Best of 2020?

    Re: Time for a new Keychain Light Check on EBay, but I have two V11Rs, an M11R and had a V10R and to be honest, they’re a bit large for a keychain and I EDC nothing but 16340 lights 95% of the time. Great light, but it’s better suited to being clipped inside of one’s pocket, IME. Chris
  7. ChrisGarrett

    Need Recommendations single 16340 light

    1000LM in anything but a brief burst will be tough for a 16340 to handle. Chris
  8. ChrisGarrett

    Which Thrower Beyond A 1 x 18650?

    Noctigon (Emisar) K1 single Osram White Flat W1 emitter, using the 21700. 1500+ meters according to testing and 650kCd. $79.99. Chris
  9. ChrisGarrett

    What Should I Get To Replace My Fenix RC09?

    I just received the purple Jetbeam Jet II Pro from BJ and it’s a cool looking and capable 16340 light, once you familiarize yourself with the U.I.. For $53.50 shipped it’s a looker! Chris
  10. ChrisGarrett

    Which Thrower Beyond A 1 x 18650?

    What do you want to see and how far do you want to see it? Detail resolution? With a big reflector, a 21700/26650 light would be fine with the right LED, at least out to 700m. Chris
  11. ChrisGarrett

    A small and light 18650 EDC with high CRI?

    Why do you need to use protected cells in a single cell light? Look at the Emisar D4V2 light and be the ‘coolest kid on your block.’ It has low voltage warning (it steps down to a lower mode) and low voltage shutoff. Chris
  12. ChrisGarrett

    Neutral-warm small light

    Emisar D4V2 with Luminous SST 20 at 4000K? Chris
  13. ChrisGarrett

    LED Lantern

    Streamlight Siege in 3D, is three mode and works well. Got my GF and I one for hurricane seasons a few years back. Chris
  14. ChrisGarrett

    Budget EDC 1 x 10440 with side switch

    Honestly, it’s such a narrow form factor, that fitting a side switch isn’t worth the trouble for many manufacturers, instead opting for a twisty head, or just a tail switch. You might just give the UT a try, as people apparently like it over on BLF, from my readings. Chris
  15. ChrisGarrett

    Help Me Choose My First 26650 Light

    I didn't have any Nichias yet, so I got them in my cyan D4 and the D1S is the XP-L 3A, IIRC. I'll be working at Pop's place for 3 weeks and I'm bringing the D4 with me, FWIW. Chris
  16. ChrisGarrett

    Help Me Choose My First 26650 Light

    I've got two Emisar lights--a D4 and a D1S and both have been fine. I've had two identical DQG Tiny Triples and both went up in smoke, literally. For the money, the Emisar D4S would be my pick, but I don't find the 26650 all that compelling--sure, it's a neat cell, but it doesn't do anything...
  17. ChrisGarrett

    2xParking Patrol security, hi output, lo throw, no disturb neighbors, 1 mode, <$70

    Re: 2xParking Patrol security, hi output, lo throw, no disturb neighbors, 1 mode, <$7 You're overthinking things. It's a parking lot and they're walking around it for 5 minutes, twice an hour. I have two Emisar lights and you need 18650 li-ion cells to use it, so that's not reasonable for...
  18. ChrisGarrett

    My Ideal EDC

    While I'm back to carrying my V11R, my D25C Ti. has been in my pocket the most over the past 3-4 years. Mine is a 2014 and I've been looking for another, newer version, just to have. Slimmer & shorter than the V11R and plenty of modes to suit my EDC needs. It's also pretty much bullet proof...
  19. ChrisGarrett

    EDC + palm size throw, palm size flood

    Lately, I've been a 'broken record' on Emisar. Emisar is Hank of Noctigon fame, who made the M43 Meteor. It's a monster light and is still for sale. You can search this site for the 10,000,000 post thread on them, but basically it was (is) 'state of the art' at the time and Emisar is his...
  20. ChrisGarrett

    EDC + palm size throw, palm size flood

    I think a couple of Emisar lights need to be on that list for peanuts. D4 triple, 18650/18350 with optional 18350 body. Get the pocket clip as well. D1S single LED thrower. Maybe a bit fat in the head for pocket carry, but it throws about 700m. D1 single LED pocket thrower. This throws...