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  1. Illum

    Using a Telescope for a Searchlight

    Its not a new phenomenon, after all you're aiming a light source at a concave mirror which then works backwards. I have a Celestron 10" strut dobsonian. I use it for astronomy, its too cumbersome for spotlight duty. but yes, on foggy nights that was something that I've done as far back as when...
  2. Illum

    Helmet light recommendation needed

    "~1000 lm for around 2 hrs" thats difficult for a couple reasons.... you might need a separate battery back at that point... and then there's thermal considerations. The smaller the light the quicker it will heat up. The faster it will heat up the faster the driver will roll back the current to...
  3. Illum

    How many people still use light sticks

    I have light sticks that's 8 years old and still works when I snap into it. Nowadays its almost all replaced by either Fenix CL09 or CL05s. I have about a dozen of each. Lithium AAAs and CR123As with built in chargers are a plus. I've given away most of my light sticks to trickertreaters...
  4. Illum

    Original Surefire A2 Aviator - worth upgrading anymore?

    I still use mine quite often, while I do have 1000-2000 lumen lights time and time again I wonder back to incandescent lamps. Many of us keep an old stock minimag around to refresh our perspective of things. More is always good but is it practical? If you're working on a project and accidentally...
  5. Illum

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Spectrolab 500 Watt Terrestrial Short Arc Searchlight

    Re: FS: Spectrolab 500 Watt Terrestrial Short Arc Searchlight Chucks leaping for it =P
  6. Illum

    Fenix Fenix Store Engraved Lights - The Perfect Corporate Gift

    hmm.... Not a bad idea. No doubt who I'm hoping to recommend this to is going to get a huge sticker shock... but its a whole lot better than the keychain lights that uses button cells :thumbsdow Any model or just a select few? Obviously you can't put too much on an E01 :grin2:
  7. Illum

    Fenix CL09 Lantern

    err..... theres no physical way of using an extension sleeve on it. the cell diameter allowed is meant for 16340s... you'll need to widen the internal diameter by at least 2mm. This might be something to consider with a sleeve for 17670 cells.
  8. Illum

    New Lumens Factory option for Surefire 9N/9AN Commander

    Looks interesting for sure, considering the the halogens are $30 a pop thats not bad. The biggest hurdle for the 9N/9AN is the battery. The Surefire original is.... just ok, 1700mAH, very high self discharge rate.
  9. Illum

    Do LED drivers exist?

    Luxdrive is.... pricey check out Meanwell LDD series vout 2 VDC to 52 VDC, vin 9 VDC to 56 VDC. PWM dimmable 0-100%, 1000mA, DIP package, $5. I've...
  10. Illum

    New Defiant lantern for 2016

    I took a couple measurements on mine bought from home depot and honestly I think this form factor has more potential. There appears to be only one emitter in these, its on the base. Operating it off of the bench supply on low power and I can only distinguish one bright square regardless of...
  11. Illum

    Surefire Hellfighter tear down LED swap done

    Re: Surefire Hellfighter tear down and possible mods, LED? (lots of pics) that was a clean gutting... :wow:
  12. Illum

    I did something stupid

    This is also why I'm a wee bit leery on flashlights with built in chargers..... and cells with built in chargers
  13. Illum

    Surefire Hellfighter tear down LED swap done

    Re: Surefire Hellfighter tear down and possible mods, LED? (lots of pics) Despite the size, I'm concerned with the lack of thermal relief if you are going LED. HID is not susceptible to damage from heat and the design probably made it insulative to protect the remaining circuitry. Some...
  14. Illum

    I did something stupid

    Because chargers sense the voltage of batteries as they charge, it means there is current consumption on the cells when if the charger is in the off state. high enough for long enough and cells will drain out. If the cell has no overdischarge protection the cell voltage will sag beyond the safe...
  15. Illum

    Lack of high-powered super throwers

    optically.... its not possible ruling a monstrously heavy aspheric, you'll simply need a bigger reflector, but there's a practical limit with that.
  16. Illum

    Fenix The Top-Selling Fenix CL20 Lantern is Now Released in a Rechargeable Version

    I don't know.... perhaps I'm too old and too fat for this sort of thing. I'll stick with cr123As, when I'm out in the field, it could be hours or it could be days before a lighting instrument can get a recharge. Discharging a lithium ion to about 25% then leave it there for a couple days wears...
  17. Illum

    Used my E1e tonight

    fairly certain to restart the line to make the lamps will be cost prohibitive given how far LED has come.
  18. Illum

    Red led flood 1x18650 weapon light?

    red and weaponlight typically does not go together... I have never seen or heard of such a setup.
  19. Illum

    Lights for disaster victims

    Somehow, I'm confident to say the end user here will fill all the holes and each slightly used alkalines off the shelf or the drawer somewhere will be trying to charge one another now they are put in parallel :ohgeez: I've always went with the defiant 3AAA lights from Home Depot. Not the...