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    Please save me some time! Need light recommendations.

    I recently killed my favorite EDC. It was a 3w led, 2xAA, clicky tailcap. I need to replace it with something that will not be destroyed so easily. I can search manufacturer websites for a couple weeks before buying, or I can ask here for all of you to recommend me something, then do a little...
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    Streamlight ProPolymer 4AA on AA Lithium Batts?

    Streamlight's official word is alkies-only, but I've run 12 or 15 sets of lithiums through mine with no trouble at all. Go for it. :buddies:
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    2xAA is the absolute smallest I'd go. 1x123 or 1xAA is too small for me to comfortably manipulate, even if such lights could provide enough light for a long enough time to be useful to me. I have no problems with my SL PP Lux AA, and I'd be happy EDC'ing a 2 or 3xC cell Maglight if it didn't...
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    Summer camp 1xAA LED

    +1 on the Inova X1. Mine is quite bright enough to navigate outdoors even in rain and fog, while not being too bright to read under the covers in bed. With a new alkie, I've turned mine on and left it on, and two DAYS later I still had usable light. ~$20 and available at most Target stores...
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    Love the Nite-Ize PR

    Pretty much what TigerHawk has said. When I'm white wall hunting I'd say that the PR is dimmer than the MiniMag upgrade, but in actual use I find that there's little difference, both work just as well. Perhaps it's because the PR is pretty much white, but the MiniMag upgrade is rather blue...
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    Love the Nite-Ize PR

    Well, I won't be using it for day to day work; have my SL PP Lux AA or a couple dozen Nite-Ize modded MiniMags for that. But I could use it for day to day work, even on mostly dead batteries. The Nite Ize PR is a VERY nice backup, which I wasn't expecting to be nearly as useable. All my D cell...
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    Love the Nite-Ize PR

    Bought a Nite-Ize PR replacement yesterday and tried it out in a 3D Mag. To all of those who have complained about it being dim, all I can say is "pshaw." I found it to be every bit as useable as my Nite-Ize modded MiniMags, and far more useable than the camel-urine-yellow-batteries-3/4's-dead...
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    Thwarting flashlight leeches

    That gets my vote. Followed by just saying no. Some of these ideas are ingenious and would be worth doing just for the entertainment value. :thumbsup: :buddies:
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    Osram LED Lantern Golden Dragon tell me about it...

    Preferring fuel powered area lighting, I don't have either the Golden Dragon or the River Rock, but I thought I'd post links to their FLR pages. You can see down at the bottom of their pages they're compared directly in one photo. :buddies:
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    How many nightlights are you running in your house?

    One of those EL things in the master bathroom for late night visits. I also have one in the guest bedroom and another in the guest bathroom, but they're only on when we have overnight guests. :buddies:
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    Third World relief workers seeking suggestions

    Think of the last time you were at the dentist. They had a big light shining in from behind the dentist's head. I'd think that anything the size of a flashlight being stuck in a person's mouth would narrow the operating field too much. Not exactly a lot of room there, and they obviously didn't...
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    Third World relief workers seeking suggestions

    +1 on the Streamlight Propolymer Luxeon. I had a power-out incident happen while my dentist was working on my teeth. The assistant was able to hold my SL PP Lux AA, allowing the dentist to finish his work. He didn't seem to think it was too bright by any means. The SL PP Lux AA will run on any...
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    (newbie) Flashlight recc. for my situation?

    +1 on the SL PP Lux AA Check out the SL PP Lux 3C, too. Sometimes I go running with my SL PP Lux AA; 5+ miles usually. If the size or bulk bothers you while running, carry something that weighs the same in your other hand for balance. (Being a newbie, you might not have picked up on it, but...
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    Do any LED's last very long?

    Welcome to CPF. Like anything, there are good and bad LED's and good and bad devices that use LED's. It's common among some manufacturers to severely overdrive LED's to get more light.....sacrificing life. Yes indeed, there are products in which LED's last a looooooooooong time, so please don't...
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    Streamlight PP 4AA Luxeon - Retail Source?

    The local Batteries Plus carries them, and the Sportsman's Warehouse carries Streamlight products and could probably order the PP Lux AA. Batteris Plus is a franchise; I have no idea about Sportsman's. Worth a call. Cheers. :buddies:
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    The "best" 3 or 4 AA 3 watt flashlight?

    In my email box this morning: Cheers. :buddies:
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    The "best" 3 or 4 AA 3 watt flashlight?

    Handlobraesing- Upon re-reading my post, I see that my words were rather abrupt. I'm sorry, my intention wasn't at all to be rude. Another possibility in our difference of opinion is that human tolerances to heat and cold vary wildly. What feels very warm to you may not to me. What I DO know...
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    The "best" 3 or 4 AA 3 watt flashlight?

    Yes, I've done exactly that. Several times. Almost too hot to touch? Hardly. Much ado about nothing; it's not a problem. :dedhorse: Cheers. :buddies: Edit: SL has yet to reply about thermal regulation.
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    What mods to improve grip?

    Grip tape Any half decent hardware store will have it too. Rough on pockets, and some will find it too rough for their hands. Cheers. :buddies:
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    The "best" 3 or 4 AA 3 watt flashlight?

    Heat buildup in the SL PP AA Lux is a non-issue. I run mine continuously for a full set of batteries(4+ hours on nimh) several times a week. When changing the batteries afterward I've never had the aluminum reflector/heatsink be more than warm. Just because I'm curious, I'll shoot SL an email...