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  1. J

    The new Arc-LS

    Thanks for the update Peter. Looks like things are moving right along.:twothumbs
  2. J

    The new Arc-LS

    Lookin' good Peter! Can't wait to get one of these in my hands!
  3. J

    The new Arc-LS

    Thanks for the update Peter! :twothumbs
  4. J

    The new Arc-LS

    At that price point I'd be in for quite a few of these little guys!!! :naughty: But in all reality, it's more wishful thinking than anything else...:mecry:
  5. J

    The new Arc-LS

    Can you guess more than once???:poke:
  6. J

    The new Arc-LS

    Thanks for the update Peter. Looks like the finishline is in sight!!! :party:
  7. J

    The new Arc-LS

    Start whittling... Let's see what you come up with...:welcome:
  8. J

    Surefire U2....Yes or No?

    This is not a light that you want to pass on if you have the ability/funds to own at least one. I run mine on 18650s and if you plan on doing the same, make sure to purchase one with an older body (or a leef 18650 body) as the latest ones will only fit the 17670 and primaries. I have had no...
  9. J

    Do you still like your U2?

    Scott makes an extra effort to keep his email from getting spammed by posting an image of his email address. You typing it out and posting on a public forum defeats all his efforts thus far. :shakehead
  10. J

    Has anyone got their new JetBeam MKII.R yet???

    I have had a tracking # for a few days now and it looks like mine is somewhere between the US and Hong Kong. I hope to have it by the end of the week. :popcorn: John
  11. J

    Poll: Favorite Brand of LED Flashlights

    If this poll is only based on mass production lights, then my vote is for Surefire! If it can include customs... Do Milky-Modded Surefires (or Milky-Modded anything for that matter) count as an option???
  12. J

    Stolen Surefire U2

    Sorry to hear about your U2... As far as changes, the only real difference that I nave noticed is the inner diameter of the body. The newer U2 body will not accommodate an 18650 where as the older ones will (some require a plastic sleeve be removed to fit). When it comes to the 100+ lumen...
  13. J

    My TITAN Mod - Now it's perfect

    Not as of yet, but I'm sure it will not be long. :naughty:
  14. J

    My TITAN Mod - Now it's perfect

    Who will be the first to add tritium to one of these little guys???
  15. J

    My TITAN Mod - Now it's perfect

    Wow! We already have the first modded Titan!!! Nice Job! :thumbsup:
  16. J

    SF E1L and rechargeables?

    Do not use the 3.7v RCR123 cells...
  17. J

    SF E1L and rechargeables?
  18. J

    The new Arc-LS

    How about AW's protected RCR123s? They are all I use and swear by! Keeping in line with the "One-Stop-Shop" theme, stocking a charger like the UltraFire WF-139 or WF-138 might not be a bad idea either for those who are not already set up for rechargeables. John
  19. J

    Loctite Krytox = Overpriced Garbage

    Where did you purchase your Krytox? Which Krytox did you purchase? Is it a 50/50 blend or just straight oil or straight grease? There are many different "flavors" of Krytox available and if you do not have the right "flavor" or blend for that matter, it would appear to be useless for your...
  20. J

    CPF Only Pre-order: Arc-AAA Ultraviolet

    I was hoping you wouldn't say that... They require a minmum order of $25 and what I need is only $16. Which one did you get, the manual syringe (6gm) or pneumatic (2 or 10gm) - unless you bought a 1oz. bottle:thinking:? I would like to buy the 10gm container but I think it is just a cartridge...