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    Using Up CR123 Batteries

    I run depleted AAs in a 3xAA Malkoff M61LLL configuration. It's dim but does seem to get out a few lumens for a few days. The same thing for dead 123s. In a "9p" body
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    I Love Eneloops

    I had several "3rd gen" blue eneloops fail on me. Just zero voltage. Maybe they got overdischarged to zero, I don't know. I have some of the very early ones still running.
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    Best 18650 these days?

    Stay away from protected cells in a mission critical situation. They suddenly cut off, leaving you in the dark. I run unprotected Samsungs, the 3500mAh ones, in a 1x18650 Malkoff M61T configuration. For several years now.
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    Why 21700 instead of 26650

    I think 21mm is the best most user friendly format. I hope it becomes the de facto standard.
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    Rebuilding laptop battery with new 18650s

    So I swapped out my MSI GT80 Titan's battery, it was 7 years old and developed decreased runtime (not that it was every very good on a monster gaming laptop) but lately also developed very high self-discharge rates. As in, a fully charged battery would go lose 30% of the charge in a week. I...
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    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    I ran some of the same old L91s I have and I think it might be these venting. they are old and I think at one time they got wet
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    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    I ran both L91s and Duracells. One of them did it. Probably Duracells but neither battery exhibits anything unusual when visually examined. It's a vent. Not a leak.
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    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    Because I examined the batteries and found no sign of leakage. I've never seen a battery do this. The batteries look fine. It looks like some corrosive gas that vented. Possibly from the Energizer L91s.
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    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    I got my Malkoff MDC-AA and I am pretty sure it's the alkalines that did this, apparently they vented. I don't see any signs of leakage. It didn't leak, it specifically vented. I also briefly ran Energizer Lithiums in it and they could have also done it, I suppose. But I left the alkalines...
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    Are these protected NCR18650B batteries?

    this is very helpful:
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    Are these protected NCR18650B batteries?

    They do have button tops. Forgot to include in the pic. and the length is 70mm which is similar to the one above. It looks like a protection circuit.
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    Are these protected NCR18650B batteries?

    I have used NCR18650* for a number of years, I get it it's not a higher Amps cell but I don't need it to be, my highest drain device is about 2A at most. 7A is more than enough. It just looks like a protected cell. I think I will run one in a light and find out. If they suddenly cut off or...
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    Are these protected NCR18650B batteries?

    Аre these protected? They look like their length indicates there is a protected circuit but on the other hand, it says NCR18650B on them. Could it be the NCR18650B was just the basis for a protected cell, if so, who added the PCB? Secondly, what are these batteries? They look very much like...
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    What cameras use 18650 batteries?

    Looking for a camera that uses 18650s batteries.
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    Converting 2xN into 1x123

    It's not a light, but a headset and they are in parallel. So 1x123 would fit nicely. There has to be a plug-and-play module.
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    Converting 2xN into 1x123

    I have a device that takes these weird and useless and expensive alkaline N cells. I want to convert each 2xN config into 1x123. Is there a plug-and-play tray I can use?
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    Best 21700 battery?

    Have not kept up with the latest developments but about ready to embrace the 21mm cell. Plan to feed them to the Hound Dog Super which badly needs it.
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    Ready to embrace the 21700 standard

    As soon as Mr. Malkoff makes a 2x21mm body for the Dogs. My Super sorely needs an upgrade from 3x18mm to 3x21mm. It's nice, but it's huge.
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    Orbtronic vs other brands of NCR18650GA

    I use unprotected 3500 or 3600mAh cells in 1x18650 lights. Case in point, Hound Dog 18650. Lights that demand 2-3 Li-ion cells require protection circuits..