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  1. lightlover

    Is a headlamp my best option?

    You could probably clean that off using white vinegar - it works pretty quick. (And 0000 steel wool can help).
  2. lightlover

    SureFire KLx *now shipping*

    Careful Don !!! If you put dummy cells into an M6, because it's a series+parallel arrangement, I believe there is a danger of shorting the cells, (just as they sit in the battery carrier, outside the torch). Unfortunately, my electrical knowledge stops there, but someone else may have a...
  3. lightlover

    Craig doing OK - (was: urgentnotice) *Moved to Cafe *

    I want to find that all this was just a "false alarm". Waiting anxiously to hear ...... Jahn
  4. lightlover

    Batonlite arrival

    Aww, if it took "several months", that sounds OK - mine, it took only a few days. Maybe there are different thicknesses of Teflon ? Or maybe I had it fitted over the end of the body, (being torn by the switch action) instead of just around the threading. Jahn
  5. lightlover

    Batonlite arrival

    e-, is the Teflon tape standing up to wear ? I once tried using a couple of layers of tape on a turn-switch. As the switch was turned on/off it must have chewed up the tape, because after very little use it had turned into scraps of Teflon inside of the light. I believe that some lubricants...
  6. lightlover

    Green laser w/beam shaper...WOW

    With a decent lens, could a green laser have a long-reach searchlight type beam ? I've been really impressed with Craig's second-best green laser. (I wouldn't ask to borrow his Sunday-best green !!) Thank you again Craig - I will I hope, be getting one. It's a 2.6mW pulsed output 2AAA...
  7. lightlover

    New SF photos of LS M2 head

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MR Bulk™: Is Paul Kim aware of the 5W LS?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> lightlover
  8. lightlover

    Anybody had the X5 to depth?

    You'd think that having a member number of 260 would count for *something* - don't it give me automatic wisdom, or respect or something ? Evidently not. Mind you, RonM # 85 has posted with great authority ...... Lithium batteries with a puncture will fizz for an hour or two in water. A metal...
  9. lightlover

    Getting a Great Glow

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mr.glow: ... at 3 PM. I fell asleep, and woke up about 7 pm, .. in my office ...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>(Lightly edited) So Doug spends his time at work a-sleeping ... and probably dreaming of which nail-polish...
  10. lightlover

    ALLWAYS-ON Freelight - Now with pen clip!

    arab, about the chinos - have you ever tried *New Ariel with Biologically Modified Bits*, very useful for a modders laundry needs ? It should be sold over there, or I could send you a sample. (Umm, white powder in the post - naah) lightlover
  11. lightlover

    Anybody had the X5 to depth?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by hotfoot: ... I threw 2 used Energizer CR123s [into water] No fizz, no bubbles, no nothing. I thought there was supposed to be this "white foam of death" phenomenon? ...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> hotfoot...
  12. lightlover

    Which topics do really belong into the LED forum? ** Moved **

    No-one has expressed any hostility (so far ... ) I think is important for anyone playing a role on CPF to receive feedback. As one of the moderators in the Café, I can confirm that moderators are human too ... (Gasps of horror all round) Yes, it's true - just look at moderator darell. He...
  13. lightlover

    New PALight w/a "super bright" electric blue LED

    soa, welcome aboard !! Another UK member, from a city I know well. If I didn't live in London, then rainy (but groovy) Manchester would be my next choice. lightlover
  14. lightlover

    Got my Freelight today *Moved to Buy/Sell/Trade*

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by darell: ... I'm betting that the solar panel is quite rugged. They're coated with a pretty thick sheet of some sort of polymer that is tough as nails, typically ...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Can anyone confirm this...
  15. lightlover

    Reflector woes

    LiteFreek, I "just happen to know for sure" that Mag-lite reflectors are the same. (Except that the show-throughs are of blue plastic in Mag-Lites.) The Aluminium coatings on these type of things are very delicate, just a sputtered/vapour deposited ultra thin layer. Even the very much...
  16. lightlover

    New PALight w/a "super bright" electric blue LED

    I just got an e-mail about these. Apparently, they are the same as the standard PAL, i.e. Mode 1 - 200 hours soft beam Mode 2 - 40 hours brilliant Blue beam for flashlight use Mode 3 - 200 hours of flashing strobe light Mode 4 - 2 Years of permanent always-on glow but these come in a blue...
  17. lightlover

    Brinkmann Legend LX Myth *Moved to General Flashlight*

    RonM, that's a beauty - my compliments. lightlover
  18. lightlover

    LED lamps in Third World countries.

    Hi DL, wouldn't you just know it, CPF is already involved. See lightlover
  19. lightlover

    Light Up The World

    Guys, sorry, I forgot to say this a while ago. Professor Irvine-Halliday is still pursuing this project, but unfortunately, it will be some time before he can get back to you all. lightlover
  20. lightlover

    Uses for the solar rechargeable Free Light

    "When trying to recharge the Free Light, ensure you leave it with the solar panel facing upwards" Ummm, just a *handy tip* for users. Not that anyone would absent-mindedly lay it solar panel down of course ...... lightlover