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    Is this 18650 safe to use? Slightly peeled wrapping

    I'd follow HKJ's instructions on how to re-wrap a battery here.
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    Test/review of EBL AA 2300mAh (White)

    I notice on the site that these are shipped only charged to 20% "for shipping safety purpose", and advising that they should be fully charged before use. Does this really make sense for low self-discharge Ni-Mh batteries?
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    Labelling Battery`s - Need Portable Label Printer Recommendations ??

    I have a Dymo LetraTag, that I think came from Aldi, or Lidl a few years ago. Worked OK until last week, when my wife wanted a label, and I discovered that I'd come to the end of the (paper) tape. The replacement was plastic, 12mm x 4m, but when I used the "scissors" button, using my usual...
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    MecArmy 18650 U18-34 3400mAh (Black-red), usb rechargeable

    In view of the extra length of this battery, I was interested to see how it would fit into my single 18650 lights. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't fit in only a few. So, it fits in the following: Klarus XT11 Niwalker 550 N3 Thrunite TN10 Thrunite TN11 Spark ST6 460NW Sunwayman C25C...
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    I noticed your tongue in cheek request to Gearbest - I think I was as surprised as you to see that it is now on offer if 80 members joing the giveaway. The fact that I have one on the way (last seen at HK airport) won't stop me from trying for another. Nice work, KeepingItLight:clap:
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    Need a charger that charges both 18650 and AA NiMH cells

    Yeah, the search facility is so tiresome.:rolleyes:
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    I'm slightly confused. I thought the MC3000 package would include a power supply. Has this changed?
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    Poll - SkyRC MC3000 Charger Analyser - Will you buy one?

    You should have a look at this thread, if you are remotely interested.
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    Poll - SkyRC MC3000 Charger Analyser - Will you buy one?

    So, it seems that the SkyRC MC3000 Charger Analyser will finally be launched shortly. I've been watching the thread for over a year, and it seems to be one of the most eagerly awaited chargers since I joined CPF. I thought it would be interesting to just see how many people really want one.
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    Test/Review of Charger Keeppower L1

    Thanks for the review. I'm surprised that Keeppower let this charger out the door. Looks like the QC department were sleeping on the job.
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    I think the consensus was that the charger would be too big and heavy to be practical as a battery bank. I tend to agree, especially since things like the Xiaomi 10000mAh usb boxes are so small & portable.
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    You just need a little patience. Well, a lot of patience, actually. Oh, and :welcome:
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    I don't recall that shipping without a power supply was ever definitely confirmed - I think it was always an unknown. I would imagine that the makers would be loathe to supply without a decent power supply. We have seen with the Opus how important this was, and SkyRC probably don't want their...
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Has there ever been a thread like this on CPF before? One year on, nearly 70,000 reads, and still no product.:whistle: @kreisl - you have done a great job.
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Wow, something outside your area of expertise.
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Lol. How many cells have you seen with a barcode printed on it?
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    +1.:) I notice that this thread will be one year old in a couple of days time. Impressive. I've kept my resolve not to buy an analysing charger while this one has been in development. Unfortunately a combination of good prices on Xtar's VC2 & VP2 has meant that I'm a little over-endowed in...
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    Test/Review of Charger LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500

    Thanks for the review HKJ - I think quite a few people have been waiting for this. Since I've just acquired Xtar VC2 and VP2 in the last month or so, I think I'll hold off until the SkyRC MC3000 surfaces. I notice from your own website that a coupon from Gearbest - LiitokalaGB - gets you this...