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    [Review] NITECORE SRT9 (XHP50, 2x 18650) Magnetic control, UV & RGB Light

    Nice review UPz, thanks. It's an interesting light, but I haven't yet seen so many colours implemented without horrible artifacts in the beam. I worry about the snap on closure - how easy do you think it might become a snap off closure? :shrug:
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    [Review] UltraTac A5 (XP-G2 S4, 1x AAA / 1x 10440)

    Thanks for the review. I agree that it look's a little too long, but the performance looks good. I could justify the length in a titanium version.
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    Review MecArmy PT26: 3850 lumens, 9 x XP-G2 S4, USB-recharge/powerbank; (beam)shots

    Nice photos - thank you. I'm not sure that I agree with your wish that in future the instant modes (strobe, SOS) should be available from ON. I have a few of the PT lights, and really like the fact that the UI is identical throughout the series. I'm not a fan, or user, of disco modes. I like...
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    Great review, UPz, as usual. Thanks.
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    Review MecArmy SGN7: 550 lumens, XG-G2 S4, alarm, usb-rechargeable/power bank

    Great review of an interesting light. I agree that the shape is much easier to carry around than a tube shaped light - I love my SGN3.
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    COPPER INCLUDED! JetBeam / NITEYE Mini-1 key-chain style flashlight

    These are shameless copies of MecArmy's Illuminex lights.
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    Jetbeam EC-R16 Rechargeable (XP-L HD, 1x16340, 1xCR123A) Review

    I have warmed to these usb rechargeable lights recently, and have a few of the MecArmy PT series. I am, however, pretty careful when I charge them - and check the battery voltage outside the light after the first few uses. With the MecArmy, they all come out at 4.1x, which is good. I...
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    [Review] ULTRATAC K18 (XP-G2 S2, 1x AAA / 1x 10440)

    Don't forget kreisl has the SS version. edit>> woops, gunga beat me to it.
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    MecArmy PT16: 3 x XP-G2, 1000 lumens, 16340-cell, micro-usb; (beam)shots, comparison

    Correct - no memory in the new version of the UI - in the PT10. I don't know if the UI on the PT16 has been upgraded.
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    MecArmy PT16: 3 x XP-G2, 1000 lumens, 16340-cell, micro-usb; (beam)shots, comparison

    @ paskal - The heads do fit between models. I have the new PT10, and the head fits on my old PT16 (so the old PT16 becomes a "new" PT16, since the new driver controlling the UI is in the head) and vice versa. I'm pretty sure MecArmy don't sell the bodies separately. @andrewnewman - The new...
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    Nitecore EA11 (XM-L2, red LED, 1xAA/14500) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more

    Strange Nitecore (and others) can't produce an artifact free red led. My Jetbeam TCR10's red and blue beams are horrible. The MecArmy SGN3 manages a much better beam, with a tiny reflector. edit>> Actually, my bad; the SGN3 red emitter doesn't have a reflector.
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    [Review] MecArmy SGN3 (XP-G2 / Red & UV 3mm LEDs, built-in battery)

    +1. Great review, as usual, UPz - thanks. I have a grey version, and I love it. You mention the raised switch. I keep mine in my trouser pocket, and frequently have a nap in bed with it there - but so far I have had no accidental activations. One of the reasons I gave away my Nitecore Tube...
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    [Review] Manker T01 (XP-L HI V3, 1x AA / 14500)

    +1. Great review, as always, UPz. There is more than enough information in this review for me to decide that I want this light. Many thanks.
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    Olight S1 Baton with TIR Optic (XM-L2 1xCR123A, 1xRCR123A) Review

    I have one of these little things on the way, so thanks for the review. One thing I'm unclear about is the Runtime charts, where you mention "2xPanasonic CR123A". What's with the 2x cell?
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    [Review] Klarus MiX7 Ti (XP-G2, 1x AA)

    Another great review UPz, thank you. A bit too slippery for my taste, and tbh I think the plastic switch looks cheap against all that lovely titanium.
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    Thrunite Archer V2 (XP-L V6 Cool or XP-G2 Neutral) 1A, 2A, 1C, 2C Series Overview

    As Selfbuilt says in the review: No Standby Drain Since the Archers all have a physical clicky switch, there is no standby drain when the lights are off.
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    Niwalker Vostro BK-FA01 (XM-L2) BK-FA02 (MT-G2) 4x18650 FINAL SHIPPING Review: BEAMS+

    Well, the Niwalker is available now and a great light. The Grizzly has been vapourware for over a year now.
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    [Review] THRUNITE Ti4 Ti (XP-L V4 CW, 1x AAA)

    Great review of an interesting, and good value light. Unfortunately I found the green tint to be pretty awful, but I'd like another if the tint was better - I guess I just had from a bad batch. I also agree with you, UPz, that the UI isn't ideal. Although I do like ThruNite's moonlight modes...