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  1. pri0n

    Everyday use cheapo light - Best bang for buck?

    itp a3 is great for pocket, and the itp sa2 is about 34 shipped from shiningbeam on ebay. They are up to 200l and have 4 modes. Put some energizer lithiums in it and leave in glovebox. thats what I got for my mom.
  2. pri0n

    Good flooder under $45

    He already has a headlamp, but he likes to use a little handheld for gesturing and stuff (he is a guide) Right now he is using some cheapo coleman that he thought was good until I showed him my pocket rocket haha.
  3. pri0n

    Good flooder under $45

    I've purchased an ITP Sa2 eluma, and its great for its price, but it is only really good for throw. Can someone suggest a floody light of similar quality? I'm going to give it to a friend for caving and throw is pretty useless in there. Thanks.
  4. pri0n

    AA powered or beyond?

    Without starting a new thread, can someone tell me what the color temp of the quark and the itp a2 is? I want something a bit warmer but do either of them have a warm tint option? because I couldn't find one. Thanks.
  5. pri0n

    $25 2AA lights?

    THis is correct. I have a sten for caving so I'm not worried about reliability of the groups lights as a whole, that won't be a problem. They are just extra lights to have around, and as far as I see it, they might as well be decent instead of maglites.
  6. pri0n

    $25 2AA lights?

    Thanks guys, I think I'll recommend the Romisen Rc-N3 as it has to run on AA and they seem to have pretty good output. These are probably just going to be backups that likely won't even see any use as long as everyone comes prepared like they are supposed to, but just in case they should...
  7. pri0n

    $25 2AA lights?

    A caving group I'm in is making a list of things to buy and i noticed they had mini maglites on their inventory for 25 bucks a piece. Now I know maglites are pretty much obsolete just by comparing them to my itp a3 which is a fourth the size and brighter. What's the best alternative to mags for...
  8. pri0n

    $1 type lights from Ebay

    Re: $1 AA lights from Ebay Just got the 7 i ordered and all work. Gonna be great give aways and I like that they are clickies.