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    Poop Light

    Get a head torch - much easier to pick up the mess without having to hold onto a flashlight.
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    Flashlight using 18350?

    What! You mean pass on the idea of buying a new light? Shame on you.:naughty: Buy a Jetbeam RRT-01 - 18350's work in that light.
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    Best MT-G2?

    Just noticed this thread, and as a Niwalker Vostro owner, I'd have to vote for the FA-02. It's big, certainly, but the more I use it the more I appreciate the good things it offers - build, runtimes, throw and flood combination. It's now available from a UK dealer (flashaholics) at a very...
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    Needed: less modes. ON AND OFF -- THAT'S ALL I NEED.

    Well, you could do worse than the Thrunite TN12. Sure, it has four modes, but it is set by twisting the head, and also has memory, so you could set it once to the level you like (high) and then just forget changing modes - you then have an on-off tail clicky. It's 125mm long by 25mm. It was...
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    Flashlight for late night bat watching and creature hunting.

    +1 Most bats do not appreciate bright lights - better to get a bat detector and learn to identify the species from the ultrasonic waves they give off. Good fun too, and it can lead to a lot more gadgets (recorders, sound analysis software).
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    50-100 flashlights for cave explorers

    I think the trouble with a headlight in a situation like this (guided tour) is that when the guide stops to talk, s/he will have 50/100 sets of eyes- and therefore headlights - on him/her. At least the visitors can point the flashlights away from the guide.
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    Nitecore EA4 - Can anyone recommend a good UK retailer?

    HKE are a good retailer, but as you ended up buying from China, you could have saved quite a bit more money by buying from Fasttech. Not sure I agree about "greedy profit margins". UK dealers have to pay VAT and duty. Indeed, you might have to pay VAT (£8 on £40) and a Royal Mail...
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    SWM V11R or Jetbeam RRT01

    I was in the same position until last week when I finally ordered the RRT-01 from Thrunite's group buy, so it's on the way. At the weekend I saw that Fasttech are selling the V11R, so after about a year humming and hawing, I have that on the way too. Oh, and my experience with Fasttech is...
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    Newt Surveying Torch

    You're having problems finding one because a new version (called, would you believe SC600 Mk ll) will be shipping fairly soon. A little problem is that the "W" version won't be available for some time, and you'd do well to get the neutral.
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    Nitecore MH25 or EA4 for Newbie?

    I would guess that they are responsible enough to ensure that the kids don't get hold of the light to play with, and the depletion point is a good one. One reason I like the MH25 is that it could be charged from a car usb point. I know the Nitecore cell is protected, so they would have to...
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    Newt Surveying Torch

    Sounds like a perfect suggestion - if you connect with someone who can show you a bag full of lights, you will get a much better idea of what is available, and useful. I'm in east London if that helps.
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    Nitecore MH25 or EA4 for Newbie?

    I have a sister visiting from abroad in a couple of months, who has asked me to get a light for her son, who enjoys camping with his young family. I initially thought of a headlight, but then thought a flashlight would probably be more useful. First thoughts were to stick to AA, and the...
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    walking dog at night, part 2

    If you are worried about the dog, carry an old tennis racquet - good for blocking any lunge, or separating dogs. Mind you, you will get some funny looks.:naughty:
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    Looking for LED that has instant on strobe while in any mode. 18650 Li Ion battery/s

    The Niwalker NWK550N3 has a side button on the tail that gives instant strobe.
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    Z600......klarus xt11.......Armytech predator advice

    I have the Sc600w - the neutral version of the Zebralight, and the XT11. I also have dogs! I find the XT11 a little too fiddly - for me it's hard, in the dark, to find the (small) mode change button on the tailcap alongside the on/off clicky. It also drops output significantly after 3 minutes (5...
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    Thrunite, eagletac, zebralight or sunwayman?

    Err, what? You use the D25a in combat situations? Wouldn't be my choice in a combat situation (I prefer to run).
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    Recommend me a handheld spotlight for use on a sailboat in all conditions.

    An alternative to the TN31 would be the K40 - either Supbeam or L3 Illuminations version. They are (probably) made in the same factory as the Thrunite, and the specs are as near as damn it identical. A lot cheaper too - $90 - $120 depending on where you buy it. Both have been reviewed, and...
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    Klarus XT11 for EDC ... or can anyone recommend another option?

    Er, post #8 - OP now has the XT11, so other suggestions a little redundant.
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    Klarus XT11 vs. Fenix TK21 vs. ?

    I seem to be the only one around here who isn't fond of the XT11 UI - I find the small mode button at the rear difficult to find and use in the dark. I don't use the clip, so maybe others use that as a guide to line up the button (or maybe I'm just particularly clumsy). Although many use...
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    Recommend a COOL Kids LED Flashlight

    I agree with the sipik. You wouldn't seriously let a 7 year old play with something with li-ions, would you?