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    Just a pic of my Quark 2AA Tactical.

    Thats correct. First day really playing with it.
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    Just a pic of my Quark 2AA Tactical.

    Thanks, this is the first day of my playing with HDR photography. I'm having fun with it so far.
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    Just a pic of my Quark 2AA Tactical.

    Yes, its a 1AA, my bad. Yes its my daily user. The finish is no where near as good as my old EDC (hds EDC) but the light over is pretty good. On the surroundings. I work at a golf course. A flashlight comes in handy quite a bit when checking machinery or working before a tourney at 4:30 in...
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    Just a pic of my Quark 2AA Tactical.

    Correction, its a 1AA. My bad. I love this little light. I've been playing alot more with my camera, so I thought I would share.
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    Macro shot of Rebel LED.

    I used a Canon PowerShot S3IS
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    Macro shot of Rebel LED.

    So, I just got a new Mag 2D LED with the Rebel LED and thought I would share the pic I took of the LED its self. I thought it turned out pretty neat.
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    Anyone have Light with Serial Number as 1???

    My little brother has a minimag LED with a seriel number of 2000099. I thought that pretty cool. I got it for him for Christmas last year. clipse
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    Sorry. Paging threads aren't permitted. Closed.
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    Wow, this is a cool thread. My wishlist. Cree or SSC Kroma 65 Lumen E1L Hunter Orange G2L I don't think I could ask for much more than that. :)
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    IRAQ/Military Deployment lights-Sticky

    Re: Need to Send a Flashlight to Marine In Iraq I would agree with the G2L. I know some military personel in the sandbox that use the regular G2 and or 6P quite frequently for tactical purposes. They have said that it is plenty bright. The G2L is as bright but runs longer. clipse
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    Nite Ize IQ Switch

    My wife uses the IQ switch with the 1W LED module in a hot pink MM. Its been there since they came out at walmart. Its worked perfectly every since.
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    Which one: G2L or G2 with CREE drop in ?

    I got my G2L today and I have to admit, depsite the slightly purplish tint, I really like it. I was expecting dimmer but it really performs well. I'll see how long these batteries last before I fall completely in love with it. This light as bright as my Streamlight Scorpion (incan version)...
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    Which one: G2L or G2 with CREE drop in ?

    I guess I should add, I say that you should go with the G2L. My main reason for saying such is that I have a G2L on the way. :) I did have a G2 and really liked it except for the P60 LA that I had problems with. I didn't really care for any of the LED LA's untill I saw Surefire's offerings...
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    Which one: G2L or G2 with CREE drop in ?

    I would go with the G2L. clipse
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    500+ light choices... which actually get used? Your input?

    Excellent thread. here are mine. EDC Formal: HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation EDC Casual:HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation & Amilite Neo T5 EDC Travel:HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation & Fenix L2D CE Water Use:SS PP 4AA Lux Bedside:Fenix L2T v2.0 & Borealis Automobile:Dorcy Super 1 watt (1xcr123) Backyard...
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    Help for Firemen - helmet light ideas?

    I'm not saying your lights aren't good. I just know for my usage as a firefighter I would not want a metal flashlight. And once in a while we do have to take our gloves off. We just recently had a fire on the Missouri River bottoms in and area that had receeding flood waters. Where there wasn't...
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    Recommend a camping flashlight (larger size)

    Not really the best for spot lighting though is it? I've never owned one, only seen beamshots.
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    Help for Firemen - helmet light ideas?

    I would be afraid to touch a metal light in some of the environments that I've been in. 99% of firefighter flashlights are plastic for a reason. Low conductivity and cooler to the touch. Also, you don't have to worry about corrosion. Just my humble opinion. If it was outside the fire environment...
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    I'm the flashlight least thats what I'm told.

    I'll make sure my Mag85 is charged and go in tomorrow. :)
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    Help for Firemen - helmet light ideas?

    There are a few LED light geared for firefighters. Our department used the LED Survivor light. I have a Streamlight Propolymer 4AA lux on my helmet. UK also make an LED geared toward firefighters. The lights have have a hazard rating though, I can't remember what specifically but I know UK and...