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    Calling all TK41 users

    Thanks for the lead. I'm looking for a fully enclosed case but thanks for the reply. Alex
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    Calling all TK41 users

    Has anybody found a nylon case/pouch for the TK41? I've looked around and only found cases that were to big (camera lens). Thanks, Alex
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    Calling all TK41 users

    So tell us what you think about your TK41 I would like to hear from those who have one, what they think, how's the tint? General impressions? I just received mine and I can tell you with certainty that it is brighter than my E01, and not as bright as the sun. As far as tint goes it is...
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    Fenix TK45 - anymore news on this new light?

    Has there been any word from Fenix about a release date? I am looking foreword to acquiring this light as I am a AA fan but never really liked the TK40. Alex
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    Anybody Else? MC-E 4xAA Batteries, 350-400 lumens?

    I really like the idea of a 4AA like the ProPoly with a triple Q5 or R2 setup. I have a triple cree with 17mm reflectors in a 2D maglite and it has great beam quality. I have a 3D with a P7 emitter that had the stock reflector modified and it had a terrible beam. I added a Fivemega reflector and...
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    NiteCore D10 vs Fenix L1D Q5 Premium?

    I just received the D10 and have had a L1D w/smooth reflector (not Q5) for a while. The output is really close with the edge going to the D10 with better spill. The UI of the L1D is simple and easy to use, very fast to get to the different levels. The UI on the D10 is not as forgiving and if not...
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    Looking for a Arc AAA hat brim clip

    I would like to find a way to clip my Arc AAA onto my hat brim. The hard part is that I would like to be able to adjust the light up and down a little. Has anybody seen anything that does this? The Pelican VB3 is what I am thinking about as far as function goes. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Alex
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    Snow White LED

    I just received my Snow AAA and I really like it. The color is much much better compared to my old Arc AAA, and the beam is very usable. Thanks, Alex
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    LEDs..... Good

    :)The past few years have been really amazing for leds. My first led light is one of the little 9 volt ones that I cannot remember the name of. The next light that I bought was a C Crane expedition, 7-5mm leds and 3 C cells. Not a great deal of light but I never used up my second set of...
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    POLL for new features L1DCE

    Knurling and lighter color finish. Or, A polymer light something of the same quality of the Streamlight Propoly series. Something I could really abuse. The 1AA light is not a heavy heat generator so it would be workable. Thanks, Alex
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    HDS Twisty or Clickie

    I am waiting for the Henry to finish the programmable clickie. I have a B42XR that I think is an excellent light and has not given me any reason to question it's reliability and would think the new one would be just as good. I just hope it will not take too long to come to market. The Novatac...
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    JetBeam C-LE $26 @DX (sold out again but with new X.V)

    Re: JetBeam C-LE $26 @DX (forced removed from listing) This type of pricing structure is very common in the US. Many manufacturers use a very heavy-handed approach to their distribution. How often do you see both Coke and Pepsi products compete in the same place? Some distributors are allowed...
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    Who else Really loves their LODCE?

    Yes it's great. I wish the PWM had a higher frequency but other than that I think it is amazing. Alex
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    Dynamo ('wind-up') flashlights

    I had one of the lights but I tore it apart after I broke it. I also have one of the Grundig radio flashlights. What I found was that if it has NIMH batteries, they will eventually die because these batteries do not like to be in a deep discharged state for any length of time. With these types...
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    L1D CE or L2D CE Questions

    Thanks very much. CPF is a great place. I was unaware that there was a bad batch of Energizer cells. Thanks, Alex
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    L1D CE or L2D CE Questions

    I think they say "1 0-04 SQ". If that means 2004, well rats. Are they that old? Alex
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    L1D CE or L2D CE Questions

    Anybody notice any parasitic current draw from your L1D CE or L2D CE when not turned on? I suspect it is my Energizer 2500s having a high self-discharge rate but I am not sure. It seems that I only get about a week out of them when I put them in the light with little use. I have not noticed the...
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    How many prefer AA battery powered flashlights?

    I do have a preference for NIMH AAs, but I also have a HDS B42. And I also have NIMH AAAs, Cs, and Ds. I think the NIMH and in particular the AAs are well suited to a workhorse roll. 2 AAs have a roughly similar energy capacity to a single 123 cell so when size and weight is a factor the 123...
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    What do you think of the PWM in the Fenix L0D-CE?

    I find that I am sensitive to the pulsing. My HDS B42 operates at a higher frequency and is much less noticeable and annoying. Alex
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    Impressions, Fenix LOD-CE, Fenix L2D-CE, Jetbeam C-LE

    I did have some problems until I tightened up the switch retaining ring. Alex