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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    Here....I'll re-direct to some more mature recent topics in the cafe' for you all. Please ignore this thread and make your serious posts in one of these. I didn't start any of these threads but I did make some contributions to them. Again, sorry for the inconvenience of my thread...
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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    Hmmmm...and I thought people would have fun coming in here to trash me a little bit. Which, I thought is what a lot of people were actually doing. Thought it would be entertaining to see the kinds of unique ideas people could come up with to twist the topic around. Funny...
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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    I didn't post that Ted.......could have been my brother though.
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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    What brother?
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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">That wasn't me you big stupid......uh......err......heh heh......ahem......I must have me mistaken with somebody else kind sir. Perhaps that scamp of a brother of mine managed to make a few posts while poseing as me. Best wishes to you and...
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    So there was this blonde, a preacher, and.... (jokes)

    No Roy, This one is for pissing and moaning and the other one is for jokes. All previous pissing and moaning has been deleted from the other thread and can now be transferred over here. By the way....are you pissing and moaning about pissing and moaning??
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    ARC LE model

    Hey Ed, I sent an email to you last night about an LE. Thanks, Dan
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    Arc has moved to new facility

    Very cool. My brother lives in Phoenix (Mesa), so I'm gonna come visit you next year. Dan
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    9/11 one year anniversary - Post comments thoughts, observations here

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I really feel saddened when I hear things like this. If anyone truly believes that Osama Bin Laden thought that this would have a major impact on the United states or, that it would get us to bow to his demands, then I don't know what to say to you. He did...
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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I don't call this gushing people.
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    FREE Free-Light and much more!

    I like the radioctive symbol on the barn behind this guy. Nice touch. Dan out
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    Why does everyone love Cutter so much?

    Ok....I've had a lot of people request that I start a thread like hear it is. This thread is for you to express your feelings about Cutter. Why do you think he's so great? How do you think he got to be so cool? Why do all the chicks dig him? Don't worry about embarrasing him or...
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    So there was this blonde, a preacher, and.... (jokes)

    I believe that this thread is just to "advertise" the other thread where the jokes are supposed to be posted. Is that correct? And what negative comments are you referring to over there Tater Rocket? I don't see any negative comments on that other thread.
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    Fuel Cells by Casio

    Very cool. Good point about the airlines though.
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    I'M BACK!!! (from the Philippines)

    Re: I\'M BACK!!! (from the Philippines) <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Hmmmm.....looks like I'm making the headlines again. Glad you made it back safely. But, from the look of that picture, they would have had to tear me away from that place. I look forward to hearing/seeing...
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    I broke my Eternalight!!!

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    LS2 (1W HD), LS3 (5W emitter at 2W) pictures...

    This may be a dumb question, but do any of the Arc LS version 1 lights contain the high dome l.e.d.? Or is this strictly going to be in the LS version 2 for the first time?? Thanks, Dan
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    FREE Free-Light and much more!

    *** edited *** Taking the high road.
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    Self-powered,self-lighting watch?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">And referencing number 4 above. How many dates do you actually take girls on that you need to actually have your watch keep track of them??
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    The countdown is on! Aragorn nears 1 GRAND!

    Uhhh....I'm kinda embarrased to say this....but I joined the CPF on August 20th. That makes over 400 posts in 2 weeks (14 days exactly as of today). If I kept that up, Id hit the 1000 mark in another 3 weeks. But, I'm slowing down a little bit now. And, as most of you posts...