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    I'm SO ashamed!!!!

    The other day I had changed into cutoff jeans and left everything in my other pants. One in a million chance that my wife will say "I need a flashlight" and she did. I was SOooooo ashamed. I will never hear the end of it. "YOU don't have a flashlight!!!" It was bad.
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    Lorena Bobbit "assault"

    Re: Lorena Bobbit \"assault\" Didn't Lorana Bobbit end up getting a job at Ginsu? And her ex-husband John went to work for Snap On Tools?
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    favorite beer while on CPF?

    My favorite beer is a good cup of coffee.
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    Windows XP networking.

    I am listening too. I am just getting ready to link several Dells together for multi-user QB Pro order entry. Should be interesting.
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    i need a few prayers

    Will Pray too.
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    Best Guitarist Ever?

    Having grown up in Chicago during the 80's, I came to know Rick Nielson from Cheap Trick. He is extremely talented, but my favorite guitarist would be Stu Heiss from Resurrection Band also from Chicago. We have spent a lot of time with REZ. It was a long 30 years.
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    Sending light to Iraq, what USPS Shipping method?

    Re: Sending light to Iraq, what USPS Shipping meth OK here it is. We do this all the time. If it is an actual military address such as an APO or FPO, then you can use the priority mail or any other method. The cost is the priority rate (or other method) to the coast depending on the zip...
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    dieseldave is ok

    Anything needed (more batteries) standing by.
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    whats ya fav band?

    REZ Band from Chicago.
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    AARRRRGH! Touched by the PayPal hand of doom...

    Paypal is a necessary EVIL.
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    i need a women

    Hey, I met and married a church girl too. When we were in youth group together we never dated because I was in love with a bicycle and did not really make time for girls. Stupid huh? Hey, it was a NICE bike and I was a freestyle nut. Still stupid. Anyway, she was a Navy brat and moved away...
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    What is the origin of your screen-name?

    My screen-name...Hmmmm let me think about that one.
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    Lithium 123's now on DEA watchlist!

    Re: Lithium 123\'s now on DEA watchlist! And I sell them to the DEA. Guess I am being watched.
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    A Coffee thread for the Café...

    LedModMan, The JBM was in one pound burlap bags. The real deal. He just bought it locally from someone there. I accepted it as part of payment for fixing equipment. I liken the Ethopian to the Yemen. They were OK, but not a KenyaAA or JBM. I did like the Uganda. It is right up there.
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    A Coffee thread for the Café...

    I have 5 pounds of Kenya AA waiting for the roaster. I have been going through some others first. Agreed on the Ethiopian. I did find the Uganda to be nice. I did not know they had Blue Mountain back in stock. I will have to get some of that. Years ago (high school) I used to repair DJ...
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    A Coffee thread for the Café...

    UPDATE!!! Last week I roasted some Yemen beans. They were OK, but this week I am roasting Uganda beans. They are very good. Can't wait to roast some Kenya. I think Costa Rica or Guatemala next week. That Zach and Danis roaster is AWESOME. I highly recommend it. I still have the pound of...
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    Favorite Coffee Bean?

    I think I need to add one more minute to my roast times on these beans. They are real smooth tasting but not loud and robust like I think they should be. I must just favor a medium roast over a lighter roast. I am doing the breakfast blend that came with the roaster now.
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    Favorite Coffee Bean?

    I also got some Costa Rican from sweetmarias along with Guatemala too. I have not roasted either of them yet. Boy that Yemen is bitter smelling early in the roast. Much worse than the others thus far. Drove my wife out of the kitchen. I was hoping to get a pound of Blue Mountain but they...
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    Favorite Coffee Bean?

    First one roasted is Columbian (came with the roaster). I also did some Yemen last night. I will brew it in the morning. I really like how easy this roaster is to use. Highly recommended.
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    Favorite Coffee Bean?

    Sigman, The Zach & Dani roaster arrived today. It did come from Z&D. They have an ebay store. It also came with a grinder and three pounds of green beans. If someone wants a pound of green decaf beans, PM me and I will send it to you. I have no use for decaf. Back to the review. This...