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  1. benchmade_boy

    Car battery chargers

    I use the John Deere battery charger, no complaints. The timer is really nice, and it has a boost for really dead batterys while your trying to start a truck in the shop. Dont remember the model, TY somthing. Its about twice the size of a toaster. Cost $138.00 At my local John Deere dealership.
  2. benchmade_boy

    long life pencil for cheap people

    I found a mechanical pencil in my dads collection that I liked, been using it for a while now. It has huge lead in it, like double or bigger than the typical .7 lead. I find that when Im at school and I stick a regular mechanical pencil in my pocket the lead always breaks. Every time. But when...
  3. benchmade_boy

    need Help with my transmisson please

    So I tore it down and yes I too broke all but one plastic prong thing so I think illbe buying a new wiring harness. But in breaking it down I found out there is a fuse in my pressure manifold switch and when putting a test light to it( I know but I dont have my multimeter yet), it does not light...
  4. benchmade_boy

    need Help with my transmisson please

    I dont have a computer to check for codes. I just unplugged the only plugg that goes into my tranny on the passenger side, to check if i was getting any power to it when it was plugged in, sure enough it didnt change any when I unplugged it. So that tells me I am not getting power to my tranny...
  5. benchmade_boy

    What Sunglasses do you wear?

    It makes things look farther away than they really are.
  6. benchmade_boy

    need Help with my transmisson please

    Hello all again I need some help. I was on the highway last weekend, I had my criuse set at 65 when My tranny kicked down. I took the criuse off to try and get it to shift up, no go. So I pulled over and shut it off, still it woud only be in 3rd and wouldnt shift to the foruth gear. So I...
  7. benchmade_boy

    Coyote Hunting Light

    The light is mounted off to the side of the rifle, I have mine mounted on my AR in the same postion. If you ad a few more cells for a totall of six, and use the MN21 is suppose? that will not work, the MN21 is not a 18 volt bulb, it is a 9volt bulb, so no you can not do that. Just get an M6...
  8. benchmade_boy

    Knock Sensor?

    Ok thanks for the info guys, I will try and work on it this weekend. In the meen time woud any of you happen to know how to time a honda trail 90? any info on this would be great.
  9. benchmade_boy

    Knock Sensor?

    SO after reading what superdave posted, yea I will have to take the intake manifold off. I dont suppose there is any differnce from the 00-02 5.3 and my 03 5.3, I dont suppose they changed anything. but you never know. Does anyone know how complicated this is to change? should I change both...
  10. benchmade_boy

    Knock Sensor?

    I hope its not under the intake manifold, i really dont feel like taring that apart. I think i read that the MAP sensor was under that not the knock sensor.
  11. benchmade_boy

    Knock Sensor?

    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you could help me find a knock sensor on my 03 chevy silverado, 5.3 liter Ls edition. A bad emmisions light came on my dash about a month ago, prior to that it would somtimes come on for a brief time then shut off. But a month ago it came on for good. I...
  12. benchmade_boy

    CB's anyone?

    Are you tring to say to just get a decent quility CB and a good qiulity anntenna?
  13. benchmade_boy

    Do you know this weed?

    Spray some round up on it and take care of that problem.
  14. benchmade_boy

    CB's anyone?

    How do you go about getting your ammature radio license? I dont think I know anyone around where I live that has one, Im sure there is but I dont know of them. Where do you go to to get one. Also another note is that this will be on a mobi unit not a ground base. Right now for for anntenas I...
  15. benchmade_boy

    CB's anyone?

    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you were big in Citizen Band radios? I know a while back everybody had one, now hardly anyone but truckers have them. Me and my friends all have them, It is a cheaper and easier way to keep in touch. But I am here to get some opinions if there are any...
  16. benchmade_boy

    Help identify my Benchmade

    I was going to say it was a Pika, ATS-34 is good steal though
  17. benchmade_boy

    Official release date of the Surefire A2L...

    I did not read the thread but I thought I would let you all know I was looking at and saw they have the new a2l for sale, I dont know if it is pre order or if it is in stock.
  18. benchmade_boy

    EDC Candy-Show us yours

    A chevy guy:twothumbs nice edc
  19. benchmade_boy

    Tire Air Pressure Gauge

    I keep my tires at 40 psi. But they are 275/70R17 so they are bigger tires than most of your average city type cars. I use a pen style gauge in my truck, and around the farm. We have the guage style in the shop but hardly use it. Semi tires need to be around 100psi your average car needs about...
  20. benchmade_boy

    Firearms and Flashoholics

    I have more guns than flashlights, I am not going to name them or say how many becuase of the @ssh0le in office. All you need to know is dont come knockin on my door.