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  1. saypat

    Looking for a "fun" light for my 11 year old son

    not sure one could have more fun with anything other than the Emisar D4V2!
  2. saypat

    Sold/Expired Flashlight Liquidation Pt.2!

    wow. great deals!
  3. saypat

    Think for a moment. What is your favorite flashlight?

    Emisar D4V2 ....... selectable colored AUX LEDs.
  4. saypat

    [REVIEW] Speras M1

    looks like a Klaus Mi7 which I like.
  5. saypat

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    Thank you Stefano! I have always appreciated your knowledge and sharing of Zebralights in the Forum .... obviously LOTS to time and effort involved.
  6. saypat

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    Stephano, do you prefer the H602W over these?
  7. saypat

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    I'll take a 4500 K :shrug:
  8. saypat

    Sold/Expired A bunch of really cool Foursevens Prototypes, Surefires, and others!

    Re: A bunch of really cool Foursevens Preon and Paladin prototypes! it's enuf for me just to catch a glimpse of these beauties! Thanks.
  9. saypat

    Emisar D4vn V2 - Smallest 18650 Quad R

    anyone else find the aux LED demo not working?
  10. saypat

    Friday Night Quake!

    O.C. here. This one was bigger than the last one. No mas for favor.
  11. saypat

    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    I suppose the D4S v2 will be next ..... hopefully that is the reason I didn't purchase v1 .
  12. saypat

    10440 Flashlights production version Completed.

    forty three lights available for sale then?
  13. saypat

    [Review] Acebeam UC15 - 1000 lumen 2xAAA/10440 keychain light, red and UV secondaries

    what 10440 cells do you use in this light?
  14. saypat

    What was the first (and last) flashlight that made you go "whoa . . ."

    when I was new at this addiction I marveled at the Xeno E03, and bought it. Some +110 lights later I marvel at the Fireflies E07, bought it and still marvel at it.
  15. saypat

    Sold/Expired *SOLD* WTS: TNC extreme micro mule

    Re: WTS: TNC extreme micro mule Hi. Do you have an idea how many degree spill it has? Thanks.
  16. saypat

    Lucifer S headlamp

    very nice, just needs a LOW....
  17. saypat

    Selfbuilt’s mystery box reveal

    I'd say that if everyone got a comparable selection as yours there are going to be some happy people.. Nice score!
  18. saypat

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    anxiously awaiting posts from those who received their surprise boxes
  19. saypat

    Sold/Expired SOLD Tain Aurora with glow pad installed

    Re: Tain Ottavino V4 and Tain Aurora attachment pics not working....
  20. saypat

    Very small 1000L pocket rockets?

    I have the Acebeam UC15