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    LEGION II: A 3*18650 SSC P7 light with advanced UI [COMING]

    I love the concept of this light.:naughty: i've been toying with an idea of 2 x D size LI-ION's side by side driving p7's.
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    MX Power 3-Cree 3-Mode LED Flashlight *beamshots on page 3*

    thanks for beamshots for comparison.:thumbsup: This light looks cool.:cool: I'd like to try 3 p7's in something like this.:eek: But i'd realy love to try 3p7's setup in a finned 3d mag with a tri-ali reflector & 2D cell LI-ION's. Does anyone have any thoughts on either?
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    Thanks Art i got a reply.:wave:
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    Thanks Jesus.:thumbsup: your reply was well worth the wait. I'll be in touch.
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    Iv'e seen the work of Jesus very nice it is to.:cool: Iv'e done the pm thing aswell.:naughty: So all that remains is to thank you:twothumbs & wait for a reply.:popcorn: 24 hours & counting. I guess he's got lots to do .
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    :eek:I took a ssc p7 to Lands End Cornwall England, thats in the bottom left corner of the country the weather was perfect foggy,rainy & pitch dark. so i went for a walk across fields & warrens.:thumbsup: Very impessive & in such a small torch compairable to the size of a mini mag but running on...
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    Fenix LOD CE

    Then i guess the wife's just to agressive with her LOD CE :ohgeez:cause it looks like she had it for a couple of years already. Just how good is this HA-III. Is there a chance that it's not her fault :shakehead Are there any problems to look out for with HA-III or should i :twak:just beat the...
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    Fenix LOD CE

    My wife has been using a LOD CE for just over a month now on LI-ON batts:thumbsup:. It's been very trust worthy so far with the occasional board & thread clean then re-greese.:) I think it's the first placed choice for a keychain light:candle:. Holding a bunch of keys makes it quick & easy to...
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    MagLite 2C/2D 4D 3W LED drop-in Technical Review

    Well the one way i wouldn't personally try to find out would be maglite themselves cause i find they don't bother after youv'e bought the product. Asking them questions & getting no reply led me to find this site.:rolleyes:
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    Fenix L0D owners,

    I got a split ring no pocket clip. i want a poket clip too:(

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