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    Best USB rechargeable all around headlight with running/walking in mind

    Check out the Olight H2S. Outstanding headlamp.
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    *Another* Olight HS2 review - From a Trail runner's perspective

    Just received mine today. It is very compact and comfortable to wear. Having a slim and lightweight polymere battery and small front light really helps. There is very little "protruding" that would contribute to making it bounce. I like the output/runtime for such a compact light. I think...
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    Fenix HL16

    For the price and features the HL16 looks to be a really nice 1AA headlamp for general use around the house and camp. I much prefer a single AA than 3 AAA's. Its really easy to swap out a spare battery if needed and Energizer Lithium batteries provide pretty decent power.
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    Olight HS2 headlamp review with measurements (2x XP-G2, 2000mAh LiPo)

    Wow nice review and details. A Nitecore single 18650 charger would serve as a nice backup power source for this headlight - many options are available and this is a nice feature.
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    Trail Runners, Fastpackers & Urban Runners, What Lamps Do You Use?

    Re: Trail Runners, Fastpackers & Urban Runners, What Lamps Do You Use? The new Olight H2S seems like it meets many requirements.
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    *new* Olight HS2

    This looks great. I want one.
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    *new* Olight H1 Nova

    Looks pretty interesting- I like it. Anyone know what the levels are?
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    Princeton Tec Sync Experience?

    This looks like a very practical headlamp. What is interesting: 1 Selector knob to quickly and easily get to the modes. 2 It has a red beam. 3 It has low flood and high flood. 4 Spot beam. 5 Combined flood and spot. 6 It is also very compact and lite. And the price is reasonable. It's...
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    Felix HL23 or HL25 Decision

    Hey Woods Walker I agree and is why I really like 1AA much better than 3AAA's. Plus lithium AA's are much cheaper when you consider the power density. I also use Eneloops as well. Last night I was testing how the brightness levels perform outdoors. I think the levels are very good. 50...
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    Felix HL23 or HL25 Decision

    I just got this headlamp and think it is great for what it is intended. It's built well, lightweight, and efficient on the very practical 50 lumen output mode. If you use Enegizer lithium batteries the runtime is impressive at between 8 - 10 hours. You have the ability to run alkaline, NIMH...
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    Headlamp for kayaking at night

    The 2015 Petzl MYO seems pretty powerful with spot or flood. It also uses 3 AAs. Using 3 primary lithium Energizers should be lightweight and offer good runtime.
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    Wow, there are very different thoughts on this light. I actually like mine and think it is a decent general purpose headlamp. I know it is not perfect but it does very well for the price IMO. My beam is a nice wide circle without artifacts. A piece of Scotch tape floods out the beam if...
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    NEW Black Diamond Sprinter

    I like the looks and specs of this light. It sounds very interesting and a little bit unique with the rechargable lithium polymer battery. I know there are disadvantages to a light that does not have replaceable batteries in which you can carry spares. But the runtime looks pretty impressive...
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    My current readings are similar to Turbo's. Put in a lithium E2 and runtime could be around 25 hours! I found placing a piece of translucent tape over the optic transforms the beam into a nice diffused all flood. It reminds me of a frosted optic or a Petzl with the diffuser on. Its nice...
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    I just picked one up at Target for 29.95. They must have just come in because they did not have them a couple days ago. Initial impressions are very good. I really like the configuration with the 1AA in the back. The headlamp feels light and well balanced. I also like the fact that it uses...
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    Nice job Ogg! I want this light but so far it is not in any stores around me. I have seen a new Energizer headlamp that is part of their new series but it is larger. I want this small one. Its nice to know it can be modded easily. Your pictures will come in handy.
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    Uk Vizion headlamp upgrade??

    Hi half-watt. I would be interested in you impression of the new revised UK compared to the old model. I almost bought one when they first came out but held off. It has been a while since I bought my first headlamp (a PT fuel 15 lumen). There have been some nice improvements since then...
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    PT Remix

    The PT Remix looks interesting. I like the size of the FUEL. Also see that the FUEL has been updated with now 4 LED's and 40+ lumen output.
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    Zebralight H501 Part 1

    Re: Zebralight H501 specs The H501 looks really nice. I like button - hope it comes in glow-in-the-dark too. The UI sounds very nice.
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    Who is selling this light and for how much? Its not even listed on the Energizer home site.

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